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AVH-200EX Rear Camera Install

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Hello everyone, I've been searching online for a solution to the problem that I am having.  I recently purchased a Pioneer AVH-200EX head unit and a $13.00 generic brand backup camera.  My truck is a 2008 Dodge Ram 1500 4x4 hemi 5.7L.

I removed the driver side tail light and spliced the red from camera into the white/green (positive) wire on the reverse lamp.  I then spliced the black ground of the camera into the black ground wire of the reverse lamp.  Ran the RCA/Red Wire temporarily to the head unit and plugged in the RCA and connected the Red Wire from the RCA cable to the purple/white wire of the head unit.  Turned on truck, put it into reverse and the camera view automatically switched on and displayed perfectly.  

I then disconnected the RCA/Red Wire from head unit and ran the RCA/Red Wire permanently into the head unit and reconnected (as I put the tail light back on, I tested this out one last time and it worked as it should).  After everything was re-connected and tied up underneath the truck, I tested it again and now, when I put truck into reverse, the camera does not automatically switch on anymore.  All of my connections did not change.  Now I have to manually press the camera view icon and then put truck into reverse in order for the camera to come on.  

Long story, I know......Has anyone had this issue and if so, what did you do to resolve it?  Is is possible that I damaged the head unit by reconnecting everything?


Thanks in advance!


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