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sourcing parts for 7200

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so apparently my google-fu is failing me today. had an unfortunate accident involving a useless cupholder and my radio, and now the physical button strip on my radio is boned. took it apart to clean it, but the ribbon cable port doesn't look too happy. hoping to source a replacement, but i'm not having any luck finding it and the small ribbon cable. anyone here happen to know where i might be able to track this down? would suck to junk a perfectly good stereo because of a couple bad buttons.

the circuit board itself is marked with CNQ8101-A


thanks in advance :)

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The switch board (Ref#29) is a part# CXX8723.  Your cost is $66.60 plus S&H.  The flex cable (Ref#23) is a part# CDD1038.  Your cost is $7.00.


You can order online at http://www.pacparts.com.

To get a quote on the shipping charge you will need to enter the parts you are interested in into the shopping cart. Then from the shopping cart page you will need to click on the checkout button. Enter your address and click continue. You will then be given different shipping options and the cost of each option. California Residents will be charged Sales Tax (9.5 %).


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