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Avic 8400 not showing speed or red light camera warnings in Chicago

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Hi,  why my w8400 is not showing me red light or speed camera warnings?  Everything is turned on and set for audio and visual warnings.  

And also is there a way to save my home address as home so in the future I can just click home icon or something like that and go straight home.   Now I need to look for recent trips to find my home address and select it.    

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i never had success with red light cameras(no speed here in texas) warnings in the year i had the subscription.  perhaps we are too far out, but it was a waste of money.  i did have waze running at the same time, and it would give some warnings for them, but nowhere near as accurate as:


which i had loaded on the garmin.  the poi files updated every couple of weeks, and was VERY accurate.  

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