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  1. i never had success with red light cameras(no speed here in texas) warnings in the year i had the subscription. perhaps we are too far out, but it was a waste of money. i did have waze running at the same time, and it would give some warnings for them, but nowhere near as accurate as: http://www.poi-factory.com/poifiles which i had loaded on the garmin. the poi files updated every couple of weeks, and was VERY accurate.
  2. a few weeks ago, i updated to 2018 Q4 maps(southwestern usa) by sd card. the other day, i was looking at avic-sync on the iphone, went to sales, and in there are also 2018 Q4 southwestern usa, plus north america. do i need to download them to the iphone for Q4 maps to work? is there anywhere i can look to see if everything has been updated?
  3. i bought the 8200(this was before the 8400) for the nav. i think the nav is designed for europe, not that great here in the us. however, i like the display better than waze or google maps. and it is way behind on any new developments in our area, which there is a lot. our other car has the 4400, and the difference in touch screens is very noticeable. so, apart from the display, the pioneer nav is the worst. because it is so far behind, forget turn by turn, and even planning routes is a joke. i can run waze in the background, so probably apple maps will, also. i dont think the display
  4. hochiinn

    ebay maps

    thanks for the reply. i think i had big problems with this person, i could not get the maps to load, and i disputed the sale, and got refunded. i tried several times, used different usb drives, no success. i also really like the factory maps display, and i am not really well versed on computer stuff. however, i also like to have waze running in the background, and i also have either talk radio streaming, or music off the sd card/cd player. i have an iphone connected all the time, like i did with the android phone. waze will give me some red lite cameras(nowhere near as accurate as my gar
  5. hochiinn

    ebay maps

    depends. we have 8200nex, and 4400. i first installed the 8200, and it has both carplay and android auto. i first used android, and after about 6 months, i installed the 4400 in the car my wife drives. she has i phone, and 4400 is wireless. i think the carplay is better. certainly waze and google maps display is much better thru carplay. i have since switched to carplay w/iphone 8, and i think it is better. i also tried appradio/live, which involves hdmi/avi adapter, and i think it also sucks. btw, pls let me know if the q4 install works, and what radio you have. i was not successful
  6. i have used both avicsync, and appradio/live. both suck. i do like the display of the factory nav maps, but updates are expensive, and incomplete. every time i periodically check the apps, the ratings are worse and worse. pioneer just dont care
  7. hochiinn

    ebay maps

    i bought the q2 maps from asd255786, but i could not get it to work. did all kinds of things, many times over. ebay says seller is same as asd255, and several others. i finally disputed thru paypal, and got a refund. after failing several times, i finally bought the update from naviextras, and it loaded right up. so, NOT satisfied, did NOT work.
  8. hochiinn

    ebay maps

    formatted to fat 32. YUP. toolbox reads. YUP. usb loads. YUP. second usb formatted, loaded, YUP. i did everything at least twice. i have cables to all 3 ports on the back(usb 1, thunderbolt, hdmi) because i tried the mirror radio. which i didnt like. the radio will not read the usb. went to naviextras, downloaded the us maps, it all worked the first time, so i know i did it all correctly. while it would be nice to update for a lot less money, if it dont work, even free is too much. firmware was updated to 1.08 a while ago, perhaps that has something to do with it. whatever. i ma
  9. hochiinn

    ebay maps

    well, this one did not work. it was first a link to a site, but the download did not work. so then he sends me another link, which worked, but after loading it on to the usb drive, my radio would not recognize it. tried several times, even tried another usb drive, no workee. so i went ahead and bought the update from naviextras, and it went in no problem. an sd card would probably work.
  10. hochiinn

    ebay maps

    let me rephrase the question. has anyone BESIDES the person selling the ebay upgrade software got it to work?
  11. hochiinn

    ebay maps

    anyone here been successful with map update software bought off ebay? i could not get it to work.
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