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  1. AVICSYNC App HD Traffic Not Working

    Pioneer has spoken to Navi Extras and their engineers are looking into the issue
  2. AVICSYNC App HD Traffic Not Working

    Spoke to Pioneer yet AGAIN. They state that the traffic issues are popping up on Apple Devices and not Android. See screenshot
  3. AVICSYNC App HD Traffic Not Working

    @sushi714 can you check in your headunit, under ‘content’ in your Nav settings menu. Scroll down to Traffic. Can you take a pic of that screen? It should have iheartmedia 1.0, 2.0, navteq Traffic. My navteq traffic licenses are red and NOT ACTIVE. maybe this is the issue?
  4. AVICSYNC App HD Traffic Not Working

    Got absolutely no traction this week on this issue. NNG has not yet gotten back to me, and calling Pioneer has them passing the buck back. Does ANYONE know how to resolve this issue?
  5. AVICSYNC App HD Traffic Not Working

    My license is currently being reviewed by the technical team. You’d think they’d make it higher priority? @sushi714 maybe we’re the only ones that use it
  6. AVICSYNC App HD Traffic Not Working

    I think you’re right...something about the licenses aren’t right. I’m on iOS, and I have everything set to auto update.
  7. AVICSYNC App HD Traffic Not Working

    NNG requested my zipped license folder. Waiting to hear back
  8. AVICSYNC App HD Traffic Not Working

    Hmm... now the TomTom logo is gone from the screen
  9. AVICSYNC App HD Traffic Not Working

    Haha go Sox! I still have no clue. Today I spoke to TomTom that claimed it was Pioneer’s problem because they licensed the traffic info to Pioneer. I called Pioneer and the rep told me to update my app (yay they still update it!) and to reassociate my phone with the headunit. It didn’t work. I called back and the second guy told me he hadn’t heard about any issues and to contact NaviExtras. I emailed Naviextras and am waiting to hear back.
  10. AVICSYNC App HD Traffic Not Working

    Hey Sushi, just posting to let you know that I’m having the exact same issue. I spoke to TomTom about it, and they claim that there are no US issues. I checked my subscription and also uninstalled and reinstalled
  11. Removing inactive map data

    Hi guys, would anyone know how to remove the inactive map files? Or reset the internal memory?
  12. NEX Connected Services problem (AVICSYNC)

    HERE rep passed me off to NNG. Awaiting NNG’s reply
  13. NEX Connected Services problem (AVICSYNC)

    Update 2: I'm working directly with a HERE rep, and they are sending over search logs to NNG. Sounds like this may have been more of a widespread issue
  14. USB Ports

    Yeah, the top port is used for file transfers/map updates. Think of the top USB as the ‘main’ one
  15. NEX Connected Services problem (AVICSYNC)

    Update: chatted with NaviExtras. They say it’s pioneer’s issue bc it’s their app. Its really annoying bc I like the routing of the nav so it makes searching frustrating