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How do I turn off speed limit alert on AVH-X5600BHS?

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I'm hoping someone can help me. I made an account on here JUST to ask this question, since I'm not having much luck asking people or searching online. I recently purchased a car and I guess the previous owner had installed a "Pioneer AVH-X5600BHS DVD RDS AV RECIEVER RADIO AV RDS CON DVD". I love the fact that I can use bluetooth to play music from my phone, but I am going to officially lose it the next time I hear that little man yelling at me about the speed limit. My car did not come with a manual or a remote control for it, and even when I downloaded the manual online, it said nothing about the speed limit alert- just installation, the music and bluetooth help, etc.

I mean, it's so annoying that I find myself actually cussing out loud at him. Yes, like a wacko. Lol!

I swear I will give $20 to the person who can help me. Thanks so much.

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