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Help with C9P5 please

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Hi guys, I bought a Japanese import Mazda Atenza 20s (2010) with a pioneer c9p5 installed. I never knew that my car had a backup camera until I bent over the clean my rear licence plate. The camera was turned off from the settings(had to use translate to work my way towards it). I enabled the camera and it was working great until I pressed a button which translated to 'front plus side plus back camera' and now, nothing comes up on my screen. My music is working, buttons are working, I can see the reverse camera but when I put the car to drive or park or anything other than reverse, the screen goes black and one of the japanese buttons opens up options like contrast and brightness for camera. Also, my screen is working as it works for reverse camera. Is there a way I can hard reset the unit without taking it out? I couldn't find a reset pin hole. I tried to disconnect and reconnect the battery but doesn't affect the head unit.


Any help is greatly appreciated.


I have a unit like this;



I'm based in New Zealand btw

Thanks heaps

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I also have this exact same problem. I have no idea how to fix it. How did you do it? 

Also based in New Zealand and now its not even loading the Mazda logo. Just stuck on a blank screen. I got to curious and clicked the camera option.

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