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New AVH-W4500... couple questions (issues)

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I just upgraded my truck from a Z110BT and decided that I'd stick with pioneer based on how well that head unit worked. I also wanted Android Auto in a big way. I've got it in my Corvette and now that I'm accustomed to using it, my phones gets connected then lives in the armrest instead I'd sitting on the dash.

There are a couple things I can't seem to figure out. For one,  the phone (Note 10+) seems to take some time to connect. I'm running Android Auto wirelessly, and I'm not sure what connection time I should expect. I'm seeing 20 seconds or so to connect after I get to the home screen.  

Next, Android Auto launches automatically even though I've set the phone and head unit to not do that.   

Third, turning of wifi drops the phone. I assumed I would only need to keep BT enabled. Am I doing something wrong here, or do I have to keep both connection active on the head unit? 

Fourth, it seems like the default audio source is Wifi audio. I expected it would default to the last known input source. Kind of frustrating to have to select a source everytime. 

Finally, how do you (can you?) change the phone ringtone? It's terrible, and the only time I received a call I didn't get a pop up so I could answer. I had to call the person back. 

I'm looking at the user manual now but if someone has quick answers I'd appreciate it. I will say this, I love the auto eq, auto time correction, crossover and speaker output level adjustments. You can really dial the sound in. I don't like that the front panel illumination doesn't match my dash lighting. I can get close on the green color but I can't dial the intensity back enough. I feel like the user customization needs a bit of attention from Pioneer. 



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can't help you much from the Android Auto perspective, but what little i know about Apple CarPlay, it needs wifi on to work. bluetooth doesn't have the bandwidth to transfer the data wirelessly. (i have a 4500 using CarPlay)


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