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  1. I just upgraded my truck from a Z110BT and decided that I'd stick with pioneer based on how well that head unit worked. I also wanted Android Auto in a big way. I've got it in my Corvette and now that I'm accustomed to using it, my phones gets connected then lives in the armrest instead I'd sitting on the dash. There are a couple things I can't seem to figure out. For one, the phone (Note 10+) seems to take some time to connect. I'm running Android Auto wirelessly, and I'm not sure what connection time I should expect. I'm seeing 20 seconds or so to connect after I get to the home screen. Next, Android Auto launches automatically even though I've set the phone and head unit to not do that. Third, turning of wifi drops the phone. I assumed I would only need to keep BT enabled. Am I doing something wrong here, or do I have to keep both connection active on the head unit? Fourth, it seems like the default audio source is Wifi audio. I expected it would default to the last known input source. Kind of frustrating to have to select a source everytime. Finally, how do you (can you?) change the phone ringtone? It's terrible, and the only time I received a call I didn't get a pop up so I could answer. I had to call the person back. I'm looking at the user manual now but if someone has quick answers I'd appreciate it. I will say this, I love the auto eq, auto time correction, crossover and speaker output level adjustments. You can really dial the sound in. I don't like that the front panel illumination doesn't match my dash lighting. I can get close on the green color but I can't dial the intensity back enough. I feel like the user customization needs a bit of attention from Pioneer. Thanks, Mike
  2. Wow, forgot that I'd asked this question. Well, if it's not the head unit then what is it? Everytime the head unit is on, if the door is opened causing the dome lights to come on there is a tone that plays over the speaker. Close the door, the lights dim and go out, and the tone plays again. Thinking about it a bit I wonder if this is simply noise being transferred to the speaker wiring from the dome light wiring. Mike
  3. I had to pull out my head unit (Z110BT) to do some work in the dash and now it has the spaceship sound when I open and close the doors. I can't remember how to turn this effect off and haven't found it in search yet. If somebody could help my memory I'd be grateful. Thanks, Mike
  4. The seal on my backup camera failed so I've got water intrusion and now it's completely dead. Looking for some suggestions for a replacement. At work so I don't have time to do a site search right now so if this question has been asked 37,000 times please forgive me. Thanks, Mike
  5. Got in the truck after work, did Change Source and now all my sources as showing up as expected. Not sure why it's working now when it didn't this morning. Oh well.
  6. Went to the shop and they tore into my dash. They disconnected the power and it started working so the tech swapped out the satellite and HD receivers and everything works as it should. One thing the tech did tell me is that the battery ran flat twice while he was working on my truck. The battery is original OEM and I've had the truck for 35 months so I wonder if the battery is on the verge of dying. I think I'll drop a DieHard Gold in there and call it good. I had to pair my phone to the head unit again and when I do a funny thing happens. If I delete the phone and voice command "Change Source" the list shows iPod, HD Digital Radio, and Sirius Satellite Radio. Once I pair the phone Sirius disappears and Bluetooth Audio appears in the list. I tried pairing the phone from the head unit and then from the phone and the result is the same. When I check Pioneer Navi in the device list on the phone, handsfree stereo is not checked; only hands free is checked. I'm not sure what's going on here so I'll probably stop by the shop again on the way home tomorrow and let them set it up. Mike
  7. Decided to pull the unit out today even though it's going to the shop tomorrow. Nothing disconnected and no obvious problems. Plugged everything back in and everything worked until I switched inputs. As soon as I switched from HD to Sirius and back, HD had no audio. Switch back to Sirius and it wouldn't work. Switch to iPod and it works fine. Switch to HD, turn the volume all the way up and I can just hear some audio. Something definitely wrong with the head unit. Mike
  8. Not a new installation. Head unit has been in the car for over a year and the problem just started on Monday. I called the shop I bought it from and scheduled an appointment for them to dig into it. Dawns on me that I bought an extended warranty from them. Maybe it will be shot and they'll give me a new unit. Mike
  9. Can I disconnect the battery for a minute and accomplish the same thing? I'm thinking that would be easier than digging into the dash. Mike
  10. I guess the title sums it up. The iPod plays normally but no audio from HD or Sirius. I can select channels and see normal info (channel, artist, song, etc.) but no sound. Unit is bone stock, no bypass and stock firmware. Just started happening the other day. Any ideas? Thanks, Mike
  11. Saw a story in the newspaper last week about a pair that were busted breaking into cars in the area that mine was broken into. It caught my eye because they had apparently been quite successful targeting Ford F-150's by popping the door lock. Gee, that sounds familiar. I contacted the police to offer up my model and serial number but no luck. Still, if these are the guys that did it I hope they're taking a cock up the ass in their cell right now. I hope I don't sound too bitter. Mike
  12. New IR receiver for AVIC (Adds wireless remote control!!!)

    So, let me see if I have this straight. I need a WRI-P to give me IR remote functionality. According to the wiring instructions, I can plug my SWI-PS into the side of the WRI-P to keep my steering wheel controls. Finally, I need a CD-R510 remote to control the stereo and use the voice recognition function of the head unit. Does that sound about right? My wife will be thrilled to hear that I'm spending more money on my truck! Mike
  13. First Impressions

    I too wish that the keys grayed out when typing and hate that it tells you to stay on the freeway, etc. I don't know why you're getting reboots and gets poor radio reception though. I use an HTC smartphone (can't remember model) and it connects within 20 seconds of the head unit starting up and has never caused an issue. I would try establishing a connection with some other phones to see if you can determine whether the head unit just doesn't like that phone or has a problem. For the radio reception, are you running HD? I am now and it's great but even before I had good reception for AM and FM stations. I would check that you have a good antenna connection at both ends. For that matter, just get the HD receiver. You'll be glad that you did! Finally, do what the last post said and get AVIC feeds from the Pioneer website. It's a pretty useful tool for creating custom POI's, splash screens, config backup, etc. Mike
  14. Z110BT is on order!

    Well, I don't know what to think then. It's the stock amplifier, sub box, and speaker and it was working fine. I haven't checked the connector for bent pins but I really don't suspect any as the amp turns on and works with another output. It's enabled at head unit so we'll just wait until another unit comes in and see what happens. Mike
  15. Z110BT is on order!

    Truck is '07 F-150 Lariat supercrew. Subwoofer is wired with RCA's and what I know right now is that with subwoofer connected and enabled at the head unit there is not sound out. Hook up the sub to another set of outputs and it works. This is the same sub setup that was working just fine with my old Z2. It's a supercrew cab so all four sets of outputs are in use. Not sure how it can be anything but a bad output. Mike