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I need your Help with Testmode

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Hi Dears,

I hope someone can help me !

My Unit is an Pioneer Avic f860bt European with Firmware 1.07. My Problem is, that testmode dont boot, so i can not past a new Map. The Maps are from 2015. At this Time i could with Testmode Maps copy and paste. Now I have from this kindly Forum new Maps and I would like to use them, but no chance because Testmode dont boot. I have took Testmode Files on my USB 1... then only  Message.. "unreadable Format or so.

I downloaded the "ShortfuseScript" from the Member "RonS"  to the USB Stick, but nothing else. "Unreadable" Can someone help me, what I do wrong.

Since a few days ago i updated the firmware from 1.11 to 1.21. And then my Germany Map is away, the Map is only grayed out. Oh shit.

Therefore  I downgraded to Firmware 1.07 in  hope to get back my Map. Without success .

I read so much, but found no solution .

Perhaps somebody would be so kind, to explain me, what I have to do in the right order, if possibel "Step by Step" because I am a Newbi .

Sorry for my bad English, I come from Germany.

Many Greetings and thank you very much for your Help


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now I could with Testmode copy the new maps  Here Q4_2019. But when i go to Navigation comes a message

"Initializion failed "  Can`t open the maps of cours a License restriction.What means that and how I get the maps back and use them ?

Thank you for Help !


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