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Some problems with new dmh-w4660nex and some questions.

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Hello all,


Just upgraded from a Kenwood DDX9903s to the DMH-w4660nex and I gotta say this thing kicks ass. But I'm having some big issues with the microphone. The sound coming through the speakers while call is ringing and when other end answers almost sounds like there's some kind of robotic echo if that makes any sense. The person on the other end also has trouble hearing me. I placed the mic in exactly the same spot as I had the kenwood so I don't feel the location is the issue unless the pioneer mic is sub-par compared to kenwood. Tried playing with phone and radio settings and nothing changes. The install is in a 2015 F150 replacing an OEM 8" sync 2 system. But that was ripped out when I installed the kenwood.


As for the questions. Is there a way to make shortcuts to have quick access to audio settings like quickly changing loudness settings and well as EQ settings. To many menus to sort through to easily get to them to change. Also would like quick access to screen adjustment. Think the kenwood has me spoiled in that department as they were initial popup options when pressing menu button. 


Also having a problem with the backup camera page (not the actual camera feed) turning off after taking the truck out of reverse. I have to reach over and 'X' out of the page to return home (or just press home button).

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