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How to make Alert and Speedcam active for France and Switzerland (AVIC-Z820DAB)

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How to make Alert and Speedcam active for France and Switzerland (AVIC-Z820DAB) ?
I did a lot of testing.

First of all, to start you must have access to the files and to the Service Menu of the device.
What you can follow towards the end of this post...

At this stage, in Switzerland, it is possible to add a "Switzerland.txt" file in the "/extdata/iGO/content/speedcam/" folder and also delete the "/extdata/iGO/content/speedcam/speedcam.spdb" so that this last file *.spdb is regenerated by iGO.

The same is possible for France with a "France.txt" file.

At this stage, the category alerts: 6,8,9,10,12,13,14,15,31 are displayed correctly with an icon on the map, and a border line on the road displayed.
The sound also works with "beep-beep".


For categories 16 to 30, it displays a generic speed camera icon.

At this stage, it is possible to modify the file "Switzerland.txt" (also with "France.txt") and put the "Speed cameras" with the type 31, then they will be announced as "Dangerous zone".

(Why not put a category between 16 and 30 ? Because in these categories, you do not have the possibility to remove the sound and the alert in the settings menus for these categories.)

Now you have a solution for Switzerland and for France.

However, at this point, the categories 0,1,2,3,4,5,7,11 still remain hidden and silent.


If you want to take the modification further, follow here...

I then decided to look at and modify the files contained in the "/extdata/iGO/ux/" folder. Be careful to always have all files safe (make double backup) !!!

One of the interesting files is the file:

It is possible to replace the value :
hva_countries = "fra, sui"

through :
hva_countries = ""

Then, you have to replace this "plugin.ini" file in its *.zip (you can replace it with Windows Explorer, it does not disturb the format).

The result is excellent, it displays an alert on the left of the screen, with the distance and the corresponding sound (beep beep). There is also a red banner at the top of the screen. All of this becomes very visible.

Sample of type 16 (generic Speed Camera)


It is still possible to modify this "plugin.ini" file...

I did not find a "sys.txt" file to possibly disable the value:
_FRA = 1,2,3,4,5,11,7
_SUI = 1,2,3,4,5,11,7

So with some risk, I added the following values in "/extdata/iGO/ux/pioneer.zip/ux/pioneer/plugin.ini":
_FRA = x, x, x, x, x, x, x
_SUI = x, x, x, x, x, x, x

And there, a miracle ! In Switzerland, all types of speed camera are displayed on the screen.


But now I only have one problem...

In Switzerland, I have no menu which gives me the possibility of modifying (deactivating-activating) the sound or the visual of the different types of speed cameras (unlike all the other types of alerts).

Does anyone have yet another idea?

I searched a lot in the file "/extdata/iGO/ux/speedcam.zip/ui_nextgen/common/ui/speedcam.ui"
But for the moment without success.

The idea is to also find the menu which allows me to modify the categories (prohibited) in Switzerland and in France, such as 1,2,3,4,5,7,11 ... to mute the sound or the alert.

Happy for your ideas...

-------------------- (New update)

Bingo !!! :D

I edited the file "/extdata/iGO/ux/speedcam.zip/ui_nextgen/common/ui/speedcam.ui"

And I replaced these lines :
    <row text="Speed Camera" id=0 useroadspeedlimit=(sc_SpeedcameraUseRoadSpeedLimit(0)) visible=(speedcam_visibility && %warning.speedcam.type_allowed_by_pos(%map.cursor.position, 0 ))>
    <row text="Mobile Speed Camera" id=1 useroadspeedlimit=(sc_SpeedcameraUseRoadSpeedLimit(1)) visible=(speedcam_visibility && %warning.speedcam.type_allowed_by_pos(%map.cursor.position, 1 ))>
    <row text="Built-in Speed Camera" id=2 useroadspeedlimit=(sc_SpeedcameraUseRoadSpeedLimit(2)) visible=(speedcam_visibility && %warning.speedcam.type_allowed_by_pos(%map.cursor.position, 2 ))>
    <row text="Average Speed Camera" id=3 useroadspeedlimit=(sc_SpeedcameraUseRoadSpeedLimit(3)) visible=(speedcam_visibility && %warning.speedcam.type_allowed_by_pos(%map.cursor.position, 3 ))>
    <row text="Red Light Camera" id=4 useroadspeedlimit=(sc_SpeedcameraUseRoadSpeedLimit(4)) visible=(speedcam_visibility && %warning.speedcam.type_allowed_by_pos(%map.cursor.position, 4 ))>
    <row text="Red Light and Speed Camera" id=11 useroadspeedlimit=(sc_SpeedcameraUseRoadSpeedLimit(11)) visible=(speedcam_visibility && %warning.speedcam.type_allowed_by_pos(%map.cursor.position, 11 ))>
    <row text="Bus Lane Camera" id=7 useroadspeedlimit=(sc_SpeedcameraUseRoadSpeedLimit(7)) visible=(speedcam_visibility && %warning.speedcam.type_allowed_by_pos(%map.cursor.position, 7 ))>

    <row DangerZone  text=(sc_IsInHVACountry(%navigation.car.position) ? "Dangerous Zone" : "Speed Camera Types") onrelease='MODEL.lua.AlertFilter = "speedcams" sc_btnSpeedCam_OnRelease()' enable=(%lua.SpeedcamEnabled) visible=(%warning.speedcam.allowed_in_the_country)>

So :
    <row text="Speed Camera" id=0 useroadspeedlimit=(sc_SpeedcameraUseRoadSpeedLimit(0))>
    <row text="Mobile Speed Camera" id=1 useroadspeedlimit=(sc_SpeedcameraUseRoadSpeedLimit(1))>
    <row text="Built-in Speed Camera" id=2 useroadspeedlimit=(sc_SpeedcameraUseRoadSpeedLimit(2))>
    <row text="Average Speed Camera" id=3 useroadspeedlimit=(sc_SpeedcameraUseRoadSpeedLimit(3))>
    <row text="Red Light Camera" id=4 useroadspeedlimit=(sc_SpeedcameraUseRoadSpeedLimit(4))>
    <row text="Red Light and Speed Camera" id=11 useroadspeedlimit=(sc_SpeedcameraUseRoadSpeedLimit(11))>
    <row text="Bus Lane Camera" id=7 useroadspeedlimit=(sc_SpeedcameraUseRoadSpeedLimit(7))>

    <row DangerZone  text=(sc_IsInHVACountry(%navigation.car.position) ? "Dangerous Zone" : "Speed Camera Types") onrelease='MODEL.lua.AlertFilter = "speedcams" sc_btnSpeedCam_OnRelease()' enable=(%lua.SpeedcamEnabled)>

Here's the result !


I have the setting menu that appeared.
I will test even more if all this is now correct for Switzerland, then later for France.


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