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Newbie needs help with Avic-X920BT

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Hello, great site and I'm thinking I will be able to get my answers here for sure. I'm not a stereo tech type of guy, so bare with me if I ask basic questions. 

We purchased a 2008 Fleetwood RV a few years ago and it has a Pioneer AVIC-X920BT in it, with two separate amps, one for inside speakers, one for outside speakers. Overall the system sounds great, but I can't get the bluetooth to pair. My phone recognizes it, and it shows up in my "other devices", but just sits there trying top pair, never moves to "my devices". 

After few moments the screen on the stereo has a pop up "this device needs to be registered". 

I've ready maybe I need to do an update, or is it my bluetooth adaptor is bad, or at least someone suggested that.

Thanks in advance!

Also, can I and if so where, do I post questions about a Pioneer AVH-1550_1500NEX?

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Not enough info to provide much advice.

What is the map firmware version? What is the bluetooth firmware version? What phone do you have?

Have you tried initiating BT pairing on the Z920BT? (in the BT menu) You would need to make your phone discoverable.

Also, some phones have trouble with the last Pioneer BT firmware (IIRC V3.32).  Downgrading to 3.24 might fix it. V3.24

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