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HDMI Wont Turn On - DMH - WT76NEX (DMH-WT7600NEX)

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I cant get the HDMI source to turn on, I have the WT76NEX, it's only three months old. I pulled the radio to make sure cable was connected, I'm using a brand new cable. I tried using my iPhone with an Apple Lightning Digital AV Adapter and I also tried an Amazon Fire TV Stick. On the iPhone, I made sure YouTube and Netflix was playing so it would see a source connected.

I'm left thinking it can only be a bad HDMI cable (how likely when it was brand new out of the box) or bad HDMI port in the 76NEX.

I've seen other posts regarding HDMI not working but I did not see any fix or resolution that was posted.

Has anybody had this issue and figured out a fix or found out the radio was bad?


** Update** 

I talked to pioneer and the support person said it was documented that Best Buy's Branded cables (Insignia / Rocket fish) are known not to work. I just ordered a cable off Amazon that states "Bi-Directional" in the description so I'm hopeful this is the fix. I will post my results.

**2nd Update**

It was the cable. The new Bi-Directional cable I ordered off Amazon activated the HDMI source icon on my 76NEX radio and allowed me to watch YouTube and use an Amazon Firestick. I did have problems getting Netflix to play using the iPhone and Apple Digital AV Adapter but I probably wont spend much time trouble shooting that and just stick with the Firestick.


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I just read the insert that came with the cable, it wants the micro HDMI end plugged into the "Output" and the full size HDMI plugged into an "Input". Could this be why I have no video? Does this indicate a directional cable (active)?


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