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  1. I just read the insert that came with the cable, it wants the micro HDMI end plugged into the "Output" and the full size HDMI plugged into an "Input". Could this be why I have no video? Does this indicate a directional cable (active)?
  2. I cant get the HDMI source to turn on, I have the WT76NEX, it's only three months old. I pulled the radio to make sure cable was connected, I'm using a brand new cable. I tried using my iPhone with an Apple Lightning Digital AV Adapter and I also tried an Amazon Fire TV Stick. On the iPhone, I made sure YouTube and Netflix was playing so it would see a source connected. I'm left thinking it can only be a bad HDMI cable (how likely when it was brand new out of the box) or bad HDMI port in the 76NEX. I've seen other posts regarding HDMI not working but I did not see any fix or resoluti
  3. Is there a way to calibrate the screen on a Z1? Every time I touch a button on thee screen, the button next to it is what activates.
  4. Same interace ok... do you know if they added appealing color or did they just change the icon/logo for the channels
  5. I know there are mixed reviews on the BT for the Z1. However, my view is it sucks! I've tried everything and it just doesn’t sound good on the other persons end. Is this a BT adapter problem or a Z1 problem? Is there any rumors of a nee module due out or being developed?
  6. Does the new software update change the look of the Z1? I am really tired of the drab dark blue screen and the plain XM radio buttons. It would be nice if it had more of an XP/Vista type pleasing look. I have not seen a Z2 in person but I think there was a D3 that I saw that had better lokoing XM interface?
  7. Ive read of this before, I believe someone else had to reassign the output to the camera and then it worked again. If memory serves, the low level reset causes the z2 to no longer have the camera assigned to that output. Should be in your settings somewhere. Pretty sure thats how it went. I think that post is somewhere in this thread too. Correct, a reset will cause the camera to not show. You have to turn it back on in the AV settings.
  8. I agree the BT issue should have been in the poll. That is the item I would like fixed. I have not applied the firmware fix yet because it will disable my current bypass and I have not read that its a real good fix. I vote BT. If you add it to the poll I will select it. Companies should wake up and realize how lucky they are to have FREE testers like us that test their product in uncontrolled environments to uncover real bugs. Heck, we even pay $2k+ to test their products and report back to them! They should treat us very nicely and provide us feedback
  9. This is a legal decision by Pioneer. I read where they stated they could not control piracy if they supported MP3s on the Z1. Ripping an audio CD they can claim the owner must have had an original. They simply don't want to get sued by the RIAA. How would this differ from all the MP3 players that are on the market? The Pioneer inno XM radio plays MP3... again how would this differ? I think they are holding off on this feature to be a selling point on a newer model. Should have been the Z2 but I guess its going to be the Z3.
  10. So Pioneer is going to release a newer model (Z2) with the same crappy Bluetooth problems and slow iPod interface? How very disappointing! If the Z2 "completely" fixed the BT and iPod problem and allowed MP3 storage I would consider upgrading.
  11. I'm not sure if you are asking me, referring to my post? But just in case, when I say cut, I mean sever the factory wire in two, then attach one of the ends to the PAC module. When I say strip back the insulation and twist the wire onto it, then there is no cutting involved. You strip back some of the insulation on the factory wire to expose the copper and just twist the PAC wire around it. I had mine installed and this is the information the installer passed onto me.
  12. If you apply the firmware fix then you will not be able to flash your lights and bypass the lock out. You will need to ground the two wires to bypass the lockout. There are easy to find instructions posted.
  13. I ordered my disc from Pioneer. It took some time on the phone. Everyone I spoke to new exactly what I was after but they weren’t the department to send it to me. So after being transferred around a few times I ended up getting the disc sent to me from the parts department. One of the people I spoke to said the only thing this firmware upgrade is meant to fix is the echoing of the Bluetooth. I should have mine in a week as it is being sent UPS ground. This was free. If you call Pioneer for the disc, you have to emphasis to the parts person that this is the firmware update not the map
  14. I think they spliced and twisted the PAC wire into my factory wire for the steering wheel control. I don’t know if the directions say to "cut" the factory wire but even it does say "cut" without a side note that it must really be cut or problems will occur, many probably strip back the insulation and twist the wire on. Because this happened in two different trailblazers I own I thought it was for sure a valid fix.
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