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  1. What's up everyone, I guess it does seem like I abandoned this forum and fell off the face of the earth. Sorry about that. I have actually been extremely busy and on the road a lot, and when I wasn't on the road, I was either practicing with our band or busy designing web sites. One web site that I designed is actually a forum, similar to this one. Another is a web site for my band, DownSide Out. Check out my websites and let me know if you think I'm worthy. You guys are really the greatest critics I know so your input would really mean a lot to me. Here are the web addresses that I designed 100% myself: http://www.raymarineforum.com http://www.downsideout.com And if you go to the DownSide Out website, you'll finally get to see what I look like. I will try to stay in touch from time to time. I love the drama that this site produces sometimes. And I will definitely own another AVIC-Z series unit. I just needed to sell right know to pay a few bills. Our band will head to the studio in two months to cut our first CD of all original songs. So I will again be busy in the studio. The band has spent $3000 to cut 1000 Cds and guaranteed airtime on XM Radio and various radio Stations throughout the US. So if you hear a song on the radio by the band DownSide out, you'll know that it's my band with me at lead vocals. Once it is complete and we go on the air, I will notify you guys! Take care everyone! Cheers, Kevin Moloney DownSide Out! Findlay, OH You can also checkout our myspace page at www.myspace.com/downsideout
  2. For anyone looking for a very clean like new AVIC-Z1 System, I have mine listed on eBay and the auction ends tonight at around 9:00 EST. A 2 year warranty is included with the system. Don't waste your time reading this. Go bid now. If you have any questions about the system, please post them on eBay for a guaranteed reply before the auction ends. The auction no. is 320103238954 and you can copy and paste this number into any search window on eBay. My eBay user ID is Wavesofthunder! Cheers, Kevin
  3. For $499 you can have Sirius radio for life. And if I'm not mistaken, you can switch radios up to 3 times on that plan. I like Sirius better so I think I'm going to go with that lifetime plan. But I need to hurry because I think that offer is about to end at the end of February 2007. Cheers, Kevin
  4. Here is the post that I remembered: Here is the link to the entire thread: http://www.avic411.com/forum/viewtopic. ... t=unlocked
  5. Ducatiboy, The reason I mentioned this is because I recall reading a thread on this forum where someone stated that he could read all of the files on his Z1 hard drive and that he did not unlock it himself. Do you recall reading this thread? Anyway, it must have came to him unlocked and was probably just a fluke but nevertheless, it proves that it could happen. Agreed? Kevin
  6. You know DucatiBoy, As I think about this, I agree on everything you said except for re-locking the hard drive. I think that if I did have to send it in for service, I would change back the bootup image to the original Pioneer image but would leave the HD unlocked, hoping that it would be returned to me unlocked so that I wouldn't have to repay the $50 fee. Why re-lock it? They would be hard pressed to prove that I unlocked it myself. I would plead my case that it must have been shipped to me that way. And the fact that I purchased my Z1 refurbished, would probably make my case all the more believable. What is your opinion on this ducatiboy? Cheers, Kevin
  7. Yeah, The small cams are nice and have the advantage of discretion however, due to their smaller lens size and lack of LEDs, you sacrifice image quality and night vision. I guess it's a trade-off and just depends on what is most important to you. But when you buy your camera, make sure it has a CCD lens and not a junk CMOS lens, and look for one with as many lines of resolution as possible. May the force be with you! Kevin
  8. Interesting List in respect to Factory Navigations

    Hey 03Aviator, Not so fishy. With dealership sales of the new Zephyr beginning in the autumn of 2005, Lincoln dealers sold just under 5,000 Zephyrs through December 2005, and an additional 24,000 Zephyrs in the 2006 calendar year through September. Just thought you might want to know this. FYI: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Lincoln_Zephyr Cheers, Kevin
  9. Hey, Maybe with a camera on your vehicle, thieves would think that your vehicle is constantly under surveillance. He He He! Cheers, Kevin
  10. Good observation, I bought a tube of clear silicone to do just that but I don't own a garage and it states on the tube that it must setup in a temperature of 40 degrees or higher. So I'm taking it to my bros garage this weekend. I am going to use touchup paint first and then use silicone. Again, good eye. Cheers, Kevin
  11. Ha ha ha ha, Well I'm sure you've done something wrong at some point but nothing that I'm immediately aware of.
  12. That makes sense. Thank you for the input Josh. I figured if anyone would know, you would. It is Josh right? Cheers, Kevin
  13. Well, the wording in the warranty states that if it can not be repaired at my nearest service center, it would be sent back to the manufacturer for repair. So if it got sent back to Pioneer, wouldn't my new bootup screen be the first thing Pioneer would notice and realize that I hacked into the hard drive? Kevin
  14. Does anyone know if changing the bootup screen on my Z1 would void my warranty? I purchased a 2 year extended warranty when I bought my refurbished Z1 in December 2006. I have everything needed to unlock the HD but I would hate to void my ext. warranty by replacing Pioneer's bootup screen. Any insight would be helpful. Cheers, Kevin
  15. Send me a PM with the year, make model and preferred color of the background that you would like to have. Cheers, Kevin