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DMH-W4660NEX - Attempt to reset to factory settings caused boot loop

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Hello folks, new to this forum but this seems like the place to get help with my DMH-W4660NEX headunit.  I recently updated the firmware and after still having issues with connections to android auto on my phone, I did a factory reset of the settings on the device via the menu interface.  However, after this the device has entered a boot loop where it flashes a loading screen, the screen goes blank and then the headunit restarts.  No error messages are ever shown.  Do folks have suggestions on steps on how to resurrect the headunit?  I have seen for other headunit models that folks are replacing corrupted SD cards...is this possible with this headunit?  Any help and advice would be very helpful!


Thanks in advance,


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On 6/23/2022 at 8:34 PM, MisterBLC said:

FYI for folks who may have a similar issue...I totally disassembled my head unit and there was no replaceable SD card or other reset mechanism that I could find.   I think short of having someone at Pioneer reset it mine may be bricked.

I have the same problem of you. It's happen after factory reset. Finally, what was the solution, if any, to solve your problem ?

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I'm having exactly the same problem.  Any solutions yet from Pioneer short of a new unit?  I customized my dash to accept the 7600 NEX so prefer to stay with that model head unit vs. switching to different brand. 


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