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  1. For those having Android Auto wireless issues with firmware 1.02 on the Pioneer NEX4400, here is a link to the original internal firmware version 1.0. You'll need to write this to the internal SD card on the unit in order to downgrade it. In my personal case, I wrote this image to the card, then upgraded the firmware to 1.01 and it completely solved all of my android auto connection issues. There is some kind of issue with android 11 and firmware 1.02. So this was the solution. Here is the link: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1KeU0s_btd_DcOLONqcjjVtRTkXgPG2SQ/view?usp=sharing
  2. I've managed to find and purchase an original factory image with firmware 1.0 from an ebay seller and I have the upgrade package to 1.01 to install with it. This downgrade completely fixed my issues with the 4400NEX. As soon as I get back to my other computer where I downloaded the disk image, I'll share it here along with the 1.01 upgrade so you can add it to your archive!
  3. Hey all. Just wanted to let you know in case anyone else has the same issue as me. After replacing my crapped out internal sd card on my pioneer nex4400 with a new sd card using the disk image I found on here containing firmware 1.02, my Pixel 3xl would no longer work with android auto wireless. After some testing, I figured out that an older phone that was still on android 10 would work with 1.02 in wireless mode, but something about android 11 and firmware 1.02 don't play well together in this unit. So after a few months of desperately trying all kinds of troubleshooting, I finally settled o
  4. Hey guys, My SD card crapped out on me and I managed to get it back up and running with a new sd card and a disk image containing firmware 1.02 that I found on here, so thank you for that! Now my issue is that in firmware 1.02, I can't seem to get wireless android auto to work with my Pixel 3. It worked flawlessly on 1.01 -- so I'm guessing the newer firmware just doesn't want to play nice with my phone for some reason. Does anyone happen to have an internal sd disk img with firmware 1.01 instead of 1.02 that they could share? Thanks!
  5. Do you know which firmware this includes? I downloaded the other one and got my HU back up and running, but I cant get wireless android auto to work. The only thing that's different from what I had before is that the firmware in that img is 1.02. It worked flawlessly for me at 1.01, so I'm hoping to find a new disk img that has 1.01 instead as you can't downgrade these units through the software.
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