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  1. I have the apple cable, and I have this problem. It's a shame. I'd assume its not your cable. Unless this Monster cable is some how terrific. The name suggests otherwise.
  2. I had a similar problem I believe. The sound was quieter out of that right channel too. The problem happened rarely and then became more and more prevalent. I then could not stop it from happening. I obviously had checked all connections and put it down to something to with the Pioneer iPod cable. RCA plugged in, differnt iPod same result. In the end made the jump to the Apple one, still working now.
  3. I did the 2.06 upgrade and had no problem with 3.0.
  4. its 6:15am in Tokyo. So, what 4 hours and we should be good?
  5. I dont get how they cant generate a password for us on their end if we were to call. There is no unit out there that I am aware of that looks as nice as the Avic. A lot of the units have these tacky menus.
  6. Bump. Mods could merge all into 1 thread such as this.
  7. I was told won't be fixed until Monday their time. So Sunday morning for us. Wonder if they can manually generate a password for us.
  8. Hello all, Just recieved my update in the mail. I enter in my media number and device number and get incorrect device number and error 1. Double check everything. All ok. I call pioneer and after 15 min and giving in all my info I am told the servers are based in Japan and down. Anyone else not able to have their password generated recently? Thanks
  9. Well the time has come with Pioneer shipping out a batch of SD cards with 3.0. Figured we needed a centralized place for posting opinions/ results for the 3.0 update rather than loads of different threads from each person. A suggested format Version: 3.xx Model: F500, F700, F900, F90 Legitimate: Was it ordered from Pioneer (Yes) or was it installed using a torrent or similar source (No) Opinion: Possible Improvements:
  10. Hello all, I have recently set up a complete car audio set up from amp to speakers. I have component speakers in the front and composite speakers in the rear. I feel as if the car lacks some bass. I was thinking of making my 6.5" composite rears act as subwoofers, forced to only play the bass. Is there any problem in doing so? Blow the speakers? Am i just avoiding the inevitable, that I need real subwoofers? Thank you, Phil
  11. Hello all, I have gone through two P10 HD Units and was wondering if the P20 was any more reliable. Anyone have any problems with the P20? Anyone have any problems with the P10 and have had much more luck with the P20? Thank you, Phil
  12. bigPHIL18

    Ipod Cable

    Just to follow up, the Apple Composite Cable does work, but I was unable to find it one without the power adapter. Thanks for the help!
  13. bigPHIL18

    Ipod Cable

    As far as I understand, RCA is just the connecting tips of a Composite cable... I believe my link is for the composite cable... 1 yes, 1 no Anyone else...
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