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  1. Anyone know? It looks like the D3 does have DVD MP3 Capability. I'd love to have that on my Z1 or Z2 to be hopefully. Sure we have the HD but I can hear the difference between HD playback vs. a high bit rate MP3 on CD. troutspinner
  2. This is how I did it on my 04 Titan, I would imagine it has to be similar. First, here is a post at the Titantalk forum that will tell you about the wire and location. http://www.titantalk.com/forums/titan-v ... speed+wire This is how I did it/found it easiest. I would imagine that the wire can be traced somewhere other than how I did it but If you are not savy at wiring diagrams the layman's terms is remove the cover from your instrument panel above your steering wheel. Be careful, you will need to clear the mileage reset knob and steering wheel cover. Removing the steering wheel cov
  3. I don't know how skilled you are in doing graphics but personally I have one of those printers that is specificly meant for pictures. There is media available for picture printers that is a sticker, usually 3" x 5" but for labels it is perfect as I have made labels for custom assemblies in the past. I've even made custom labels to adhere to the fishing rods I've built and they work great. Professional services is an alternative but to make them just right I would tinker with a photo printer and sticker stock. troutspinner
  4. Goto crutchfield.com, plug in the vehicle and you'll get pretty much everything you need to know.
  5. Somebody please correct me if I a wrong, I am nursing yet another Eagle's loss! The diagram you posted is a block diagram, do you have other diagrams braeking down this diagram?
  6. Ram, I've been into the carputer thing for a few years and there is no way that I know of to hook the head unit up to the computer. Even if you could, the screen resolution of the head unit is not going to do justification through a RCA input, it would just look grainy. A nice solution would be a UMPC device, if yo do not know what they are you can learn about them here [url=http://www.microsoft.com/windowsxp/umpc/default.mspx]http://www.microsoft.com/windowsxp/umpc/default.mspx[/url] and then just run the audio out to the stero's aux. in, at that point you could still view your nav
  7. Is it possible to add a genre class? I listen to alot of different music but primarily country so when I go to the library and want to listen to just country I have to select other and then it throws anything classified under other into the mix. Oddly, a couple of Garth Brook CD's I've recorded are under Jazz. I can make the same CD using MP3's in Roxio which also uses Gracenotes database and it correctly deciphers it as country (general country to be exact). I have a Sept. 06 unit and would assume the unit has the updated database already although I do not believe that would help
  8. djoker, If you do not have the nav system in your Armada just buy the XE bezel faceplate rather than cutting and fiberglass. The work is already done for you and if you ever want to return the unit back to stock you'll have the parts still around. I got it at courtesy nissan, a link to the Titan Bezel is here [url=http://www.courtesyparts.com/Merchant2/merchant.mvc?Screen=PROD&Product_Code=68260-A60CC]http://www.courtesyparts.com/Merchant2/ ... 8260-A60CC[/url] and a link to the Armada Bezel is here [url=http://www.courtesyparts.com/Merchant2/merchant.mvc?Screen=PROD&Produ
  9. Been poking around here for a few weeks and finally pulled the plug on buying a Z1 so I thought I would share a pic of the install. Nothing special but pretty clean looking. I also installed a PACSWIPS along with the unit so if anyone with a similar vehicle has any questions I am sure I can help. Anyways, here's a couple of pics. This is just a general pic of how it fit [img]http://www.pennsylvaniaanglers.com/avicpics/fitnav.jpg[/img] Library Screen, love my country :) [img]http://www.pennsylvaniaanglers.com/avicpics/lib.jpg[/img] troutspinner
  10. I literally just did this yesterday. Before I seen the vehicle listed on the bottom of your post I said to myself "This is definitely a Nissan". Anyway, the connector that would connect to the wires that go to the radio faceplate is the plug you want, connector M98. Pin 12 is red, pin 13 is green and pin 14 is blue. Like the instructions say, pin 14 is to go to ground. The preferred way to do this is get 3 lengths of wire. Color matching would be convenient but as long as you know which wire is which you're fine. Take a 10" lead or so of wire and solder it to one side of the 47
  11. Just wanted to say thanks Ducatiboy for figuring out the bypass. I received my Z1 at 10 am today (sept. 06 date) and had everything installed in my Titan by mid-afternoon. Your bypass instructions were perfect and I'm driving without restrictions. Thanks, troutspinner
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