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  1. Anyone have any resources on this? I am going to have a number of switches for various items in my vehicle and I would like to icon label them with a nice professional/oem look. Anyone know any sources for doing this? I tried doing a couple searches and came up with everything except was I was really looking for. Thanks in advance.
  2. [quote name="howarmat"]Get your windows tinted.[/quote] a possibility... too bad it is against the law in many states.
  3. I don't think by default car insurance plan replaces my aftermarket system if it is stolen. Does anyone know how to go about adding coverage for this or buying an additional policy from somewhere that does cover audio systems? I hate to dump a ton of money for all kinds of custom car audio work just to have it stolen or vandalized, or even lost in a crash. Any links or info for doing this would be great. I did a quick general search for a few terms related to this but didn't come up with any direct threads. Thanks
  4. Yes, it will be a sealed box. Also, regarding polyfill and the inside of the fiberglass box. Should I put anything on the inside to cover the actualy fiberglass? like seal it with anything? Also, what about the Dynamat items they sell for sub enclosures in place of fill ? (the little black squares) Do they work just as well at reducing standing waves? Thanks
  5. Does it matter on the space between the rear of my sub and the wall of the enclosure? If there is only like 1/2 inch to 1 inch gap between the rear and the fiberglass wall will I have any issues? I still plan on keeping the overall spare requirements needed for the sub. I am using a JL 8W7 in a custom fiberglass enclosure. I am needing to make it as shallow as possible. Any warning against doing this before I start would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.
  6. Actually, to be honest I am not sure if it is an after or before ECM wire. I didn't really check at the time. It was just listed as the speed sensor wire in my diagram and that is what I used. It could be the wire coming into the ECM. Doesn't really matter to me though, it worked just fine. (this was also the wire that I was given to use in the 07 corolla thread I made)
  7. Wow, in reading this I didn't understand a word of this paragraph. and mine is connected to the speed sensor wire right off my ECM and it works just fine.
  8. Or just don't speed so much and keep your eyes open. Safest and cheapest way
  9. I've only ever had them on two vehicles with just the magnetic mounts. Been through plenty of car washes and have never had one come off.
  10. I am looking for the speed sensor wire location (i assume off the ECU) and also the location of the reverse wire somewhere up front. Thanks for any help! Greatly appreciated.
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