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  1. Anyone? Is there any way to make BT audio UNMUTE at connect? My iphone 4 will pair automatically, but my BT audio is on "mute" until I press play on my deck. I would prefer it just reconnect and start playing music once I get in the car.
  2. I have zero lag with my metra ASWC?
  3. Hey all, Is there a way to make bluetooth audio "unmute" when it connects to the X920Bt without having to press play? For example. With my stock radio which had BT audio, the second I got back into my car with my iphone 4, the music would start up and play where I left off (using pandora). When I changed my stock radio out for the X920BT, bluetooth audio would not auto play. Im forced to go into the BT menu and press the "play" arrow. Is there a way to make the BT audio on the X920BT auto play without me having to go into the BT menu and press play? Or does anyone know of a iphone 4 jailbr
  4. Interesting... I have a JB iphone 4 on 4.1 and I have to switch my AVI input to VIDEO to make netfix work. By default, mine is set to ipod on AV1. So you guys are saying that netflix will run with AV1 set to ipod mode??? I took a look at my JB apps and I dont have any TV out fix or hack or mod? Can anyone school me on this? Thanks!
  5. DAM! Well that sucks! Thanks for letting me know guys!
  6. ^^^ your right. I mine was. I saw 200.00 and once I went further into the menu, I saw the 200.300 application firmware. My bad! Thanks VBlue42.
  7. Ive seen removed all files from the SD card. Formatted it and slapped the Z110 folder back into the SD card and still nothing. My version info IN the unit is like 200.100 or something like that. Its not the 200.300 or new firmware. ANyone?
  8. I just downloaded the new firmware and slapped that Z110Bt folder into my micro SD card. When I turn my X920Bt on, it doesnt update? I even defaulted the settings, redownloaded the folder. Transferred it to the SD card a couple times. And my X920Bt just wont update? Any clue why? PS: On a side note, I also have a movie folder and picture folder in the root as well. My unit DOES see the SD card as I can play movies off it and or change my background.
  9. Hey all, I just installed my X920Bt into my 2011 STI. When it came down to programming the steering wheel controls, I noticed something I wanted to see if it was normal. I can program my steering wheel control adapter (AXXESS interface) to use my stock blue tooth steering wheel controls. My choices are "On hook, off hook and push to talk". On hook and off hook dont do anything so I use them for FM preset up and down. But on PTT (push to talk) it will bring up my phones calling menu. Which makes sense, but I would like to program it to the "say a command" function/button (the sm
  10. Hey all, Just a heads up. I had a iphone 3GS that was jailbroken and had backgrounder (used for multitasking). So when I would listen to pandora via my iphone thru my X920Bt, I could open and close pandora link and use my phone as I saw fit while the music keep playing. Then I got the iphone 4. It has multitasking built in, which is great. But pandora LINK does not multitask or run in background at all. So basically, I cant run pandora link in the background on my iphone 4 at all. Although, I can run normal pandora in the background (but that means no onscreen support on the X920BT), b
  11. That makes sense, but Im not really looking for a slacker radio interface. I just want the pandora interface to work with slacker radio. Actually... all I really want is the track up and back buttons to work. Either the ones on the radio, or the ones on my steering wheel. I dont even need the onscreen thumbs up and down. Just the track up or back on the radio or my steering wheel controls. OR have the IPOD interface controls to work with slacker. And again, just track up or back. That doesnt seem like something a whole new interface needs to be designed for?? Perhaps I should take
  12. You see, I tried to run slacker radio via the pandora option on my X920BT. The music plays, but I get no on screen (which I knew I wasnt going to get) but I was hoping the track up and down button either on my X920 or steering wheel controls would work for slacker. They did not. I then played slacker radio via the IPOD option on my X920Bt and slacker radio played fine. No onscreen controls of course, but I was more interested to see if track up or down would skips songs on slacker. The controls did not work. Then I tried music controls (program on cydia) to see if allowed track up or
  13. I think you can also bluetooth pandora though the X920BT. But I dont think doing it that way will allow you controls on the navi to work. You can also use the pandora port to run slacker radio too. But again, you loose onscreen thumbs up and down on the navi. Overall, Im not happy with Pandora. It seems like they play the same songs over and over and over again no matter how many channels you have. It also throws some odd songs into custom channels. For example, I have a Lil Wayne station and its playing Clearance clearwater whatever the hell they are called. As well as some rolling s
  14. Im rocking even better.... pandora! And slacker (but no onscreen w/ slacker)
  15. I ran into the same issue. The X920Bt only has a blue and white remote wire. I have a 09 STI that has a powered antenna and I also have some subs and an amp. According to the manual, you cant have to much sucking off that blue/white wire. Somewhere in the manual, it says something about 300 max. I dont remember off hand what exactly it was, but i think its mentioned on page 15 of the manual. At any rate, my radio reception SUCKS! Ive tired the b/w wire off the X920Bt to my powered antenna ONLY and while it works, my reception has a lot of static. Running my amp off the X920Bt Blue
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