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  1. Has anyone had any luck getting the Sprint FIPO working with an X710BT? I hook it up to the iPod connector and pair/start streaming, but the USB (which I've switched to Video) never becomes selectable. I've verified that the FIPO works on a pair of iPod speakers. I'll be keeping the FIPO either way - It saves my investment in my iPod speakers since I just switched to an Android phone - but I'd love to get it working in the car! Thanks!!
  2. I'd like to have the ability to do something, but am starting to question whether it's even possible. I would like to have my phone set up via A2DP to my car stereo (currently an X710BT, but I tested with other models, include the Z series, and can't get it to work), and have it interrupt whatever the current audio source is if something comes in over the phone (eg, texts, emails, notifications). In other words, I'm listening to FM, and I receive a text or an email, I'd like the phone to be able to interrupt the FM, read the text/email (via an app on the phone, which I currently have), then
  3. Getting closer. Now I can see the emulated interface, but I think I'm having issues with the emulator itself. MainMenu doesn't seem to do anything, and apparently (according to the attached emulator console output) the hard buttons aren't being registered. Can you make any sense out of the attached and point me to where I've gone wrong with the emulator setup? ConsoleWindow.txt
  4. I did as you directed, but I'm not sure of the purpose. The emulator comes up with the AVIC_mask.png that I specified, at the size of that image, with no task or menu bar showing (therefore can't run MainMenu or ezRider). Is there a specific set of images I should use (I was just using any ol' image thinking that these would be the buttons to emulate the zoom)? Thanks for guiding me through this...
  5. Lots of great information here. Thanks for the responses. I do have the US version, btw. Ummm, how would I do that? What function does this perform? When I try to run it in the emulator, I get a Fatal Application Error... Illegal Operation. Thanks.
  6. Can anyone tell me if/how hard buttons (e.g., pushing up or down on the AVIC's knob to zoom) can be emulated using Microsoft's CE emulator? Also - The AVIC doesn't seem to display anything coming over the Radio Broadcast Data System - You know, that text information that's embedded in many stations' transmission. Am I missing someting? Thanks!
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