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  1. iOS 7 in the Car

    i'm using an ebay registration now, waiting on my enterprise activation to get approved. once that happens then sure.
  2. iOS 7 in the Car

    FWIW, I just installed iOS 7 on my iPhone 5, it works with my AppRadio2 without issue surprisingly enough. I tested waze and carmedia player, both worked fine. It almost seemed to be LESS glitchy on iOS 7, believe it or not.
  3. tick tock...tick tock... This is absolutely ridiculous, and now it appears that Pioneer has boldly lied to the faces of their customers with their previous update on 4/26: Business Ethics? Ha.
  4. Don't have that issue with mine. Are you sure you wired your microbypass properly? Sounds like you might have accidentally run one of the wires to the dimmer wire on your harness.
  5. I might buy that argument if Pioneer wasn't advertising the hell out of how "iPhone 5 compatible" it's 2013 line is.
  6. They posted this on Facebook: Are they seriously delaying the release of their firmware because a third party developer hasn't got their crap together? or just a convenient excuse to buy more time?
  7. Connecting AVH-X4500BT TO GMOS-LAN-01

  8. AVH-4400BH to X8500BHS harness

    Should be able to.
  9. Steering wheel controls AVH-5500

    Are you able to activate Siri via a button on the included IR remote? if so, then you should be able to configure your steering wheel controls to activate it as well. I'm not familiar with the metra awc though, so you may or may not need additional equipment.
  10. You need to indicate that, since the following statement is false.
  11. They do, unfortunately, the only comparable one that I know of is Torque, and they're Android only at the moment. I'd love to see an iOS version of torque.
  12. avh-5500 app mode

    Settings turn "app audio mixing" on
  13. I got mine in from Crutchfield yesterday, installed it, it's worthless right now. The 5500 doesn't recognize the iphone. It needs a firmware update that's expected to be released mid april.
  14. Just spoke with Pioneer. Firmware update not expected until Mid-April. Glad to see they're selling a $100 cable that serves zero purpose in the meantime.
  15. Any word on ETA? Seems kind of silly to release a cable that is completely useless without the accompanying firmware.