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  1. Even with smartzoom off, it won't pan down more than 2-3 clicks...
  2. I just installed the FX3.1 from the sticky above. It seems I can only pan down towards street level (so I'm looking more towards the horizon) a few clicks. Not enough to see the sky or more than 2-3 streets ahead when at street name viewing level. I looked in map settings and clicked all around smart zoom and saw no adjustable control for it. What am I missing? Thanks!
  3. I saw a thread about iPod hookup showing album artwork. If I have albums in folders on an SD or USB drive, will it display album artwork if I have it in that folder? What kind/size file does it need to be? Thanks!
  4. Gotta say it.. THANK YOU !! I just installed an AVIC F700bt in my 95 Lexus this past weekend and it had the original firmware in it (1.00101 or something). The load times were atrocious, and half the button presses didn't even register.. the lag was UNREAL. I don't know how Pioneer could release such garbage. After following the simple steps in this thread, and using the supplied files, I had the update up and flyin in no time (well, maybe 30 minutes). Load time is still sub par compared to factory units, but the button presses are crisp and fast, the system sounds are way cleane
  5. Hi, I ordered some interior speakers for my car and am in the process of ordering all my speaker wire, interconnects, etc. Are all speaker terminals the same for aftermarket speakers? I'd like to buy some nice crimp-on/solder-on speaker terminals for the nice wire I got, but won't have the speakers in my hands for another week or two. Am I safe buying whateveer spade terminals? Thanks!
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