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    Hmm, I hope he doesn't give me the license plate one that a guy I know has, I'll probably be like.. Is that the pioneer one? lol If not I'll tell him to put bluetooth, ipod, and something in the backup's place. Do you know if installing the bypass voids the warranty? Because he definitely needs to do that otherwise the whole nav is a waste lol.
  2. stathound


    See thats what he told me, but everywhere I look says iPod wire, bluetooth, and remote..
  3. stathound


    yea, it definitely says it there, but no description of what it consists of.. Oh well, guess i'll just have to wait and see
  4. stathound


    Yea I was looking for the information on the website, could you possibly link me there because I can't find it? Thanks
  5. stathound


    Anybody know anything about this, my install guy is selling me this but he told me it came with a backup camera bluetooth and ipod, ebay tells a different story. He gave me an awesome price and with the $200 MiR I should be one happy D3'er.. Although I've never had any complaints about my D2, btw, if I ask him to do the bypass does it void any warranty or make the backup camera function incorrectly? Thanks in advanced!
  6. What problem was that. It was a map problem, where I live they had a street listed as a route that it wasn't, but now it's fixed.. Happy days are here again!
  7. stathound


    http://thepiratebay.org/tor/3755346/Pio ... _East_2007 http://thepiratebay.org/tor/3755452/Pio ... _West_2007
  8. I just burned the new 70MTP discs they work like a charm. So far the only problem I wanted them to solve has been solved, I haven't driven around to check it out since I installed it. I downloaded it through torrents.. http://thepiratebay.org/tor/3755346/Pioneer_Avic_Navigation_CNDV-70MTP_East_2007 http://thepiratebay.org/tor/3755452/Pioneer_Avic_Navigation_CNDV-70MTP_West_2007
  9. Well now its cutting in and out, I'm like 50% sure its the grounding. I bought some 4AWG to ground it properly shouldn't be a problem now. The model is KAC-9102D. Thanks for the help!
  10. stathound

    Amp Blown?

    Yea, I know this is an AVIC forum, but most of you guys are talented enough to cover all parts of the field. Last night I was doing a little too much partying and somehow this morning found my amp not coming on and my ground wire was disconnected. Would this cause it to blow? I reconnected the wire and it still won't go on, the fuses are fine btw. Thanks for the help guys!
  11. I was thinking the same thing, thats probably an inch and a half back, he has to put it infront of the lip if thats the case.. Pics would help very much so, thanks!
  12. Hey, April 2nd, weren't we told late march early April? Anybody have any info on these badboys? Thanks!
  13. http://xmradio.com/navtraffic/market_coverage.xmc
  14. whats the price? 12.95 + 5.00 for the nav traffic?
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