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  1. Hi Ryar, Sorry for the slow reply, I've been happily using my 900bt with no issues fort the past few months. Anyway, I forget the specifics of the circuit that my dad helped me out with, but the details are discussed in this thread: http://avic411.com/index.php?/topic/19417-ignition-mod-on-f900bt/page__hl__%2Bignition+%2Bvoltage There's a pdf a few posts in which is what I used. A page or two in is discussions about specific parts and alternatives. Regards, -PMS
  2. As mentioned before, there are a few discussions in the forums about hooking up small rechargeable batteries behind a diode. I hooked one up with the help of my electrical engineer dad and it works great. That being said, if you don't have electrical wiring experience I wouldn't recommend taking on such a project yourself as car batteries can push out enough current to start fires. -PMS
  3. Just took a look and while it does look sweet, I think we're limited to Windows CE based software. I believe the Garmins use their own proprietary OS so it'd be very unlikely that this could be made to run on an AVIC. -PMS
  4. Aha, finally determined that the middle button does start voice recognition, even with CE6, but only when you are on the AV screen(?) I'm guessing that the modded navigation functions iGO8 in AvicNet block it for some reason. No big deal though as I rarely use it. It's just an extra button press or two to activate it on off the chance I need to make a call while driving, so no big deal. My next challenge is to start up hobdrive and end up on the map/navigation screen of iGO8 when I start up the car. I modified Ryar's hobdprimo script, but replacing the call to Primo with 'Show ("iGO8")
  5. I don't think it's a hardware issue with my AVIC as I just discovered that if you hold down the middle button for a couple seconds it registers as 'mute'. Hmmm... I'm wondering if that custom CE6 that disables the gyro for f900bt units may also disable voice recognition. I don't believe the Euro versions had voice recognition and I think that custom CE6 was the work of Russians. I've actually switched back to using iGo8 for navigation as Primo2.0 has a few issues that are becoming deal breakers. Namely, erratic sound volume issues, corruption of "Screen off", and frequent disabling of
  6. So does anyone else here use the voice dialing (started by pressing the volume dial) with Ryar's AvicNet2.1 and a f900bt? Currently pressing the volume dial isn't doing anything for me and I suspect it might be a hardware issue, but wanted to confirm that the button does work with AvicNet. Thanks, PMS
  7. I thought that did the trick when I first added it, however my issue is more about the relative volume between the Primo voices and SD music. I use the volume knob to turn the SD music up, but then the voice guidance blows out my eardrums. And this is with the voice volume slider within Primo set almost to its minimum. What's interesting is that as I move that slider, Primo plays a voice sample and that seems to get quiet enough. However, when back in navigation and I get voice directions, it very very loud. Now that I think of it, I'm not sure that the slider even affects the real voice dire
  8. Hi Chuck88, I've browsed through your sys.txt and was just wondering if you have descriptions of what some of the settings do. I'm particularly interested in "csv_voice_enabled=1" as well as the [dynamiccompressor] and [tts] sections. I've been using the TTS Pro voice with Ryar's 2.1 and normally play music from my SDCard. However the voice level is still painfully loud relative to the music even if the voice volume within Primo's settings is almost at minimum. I thought I had fixed it because the volume of the sample voice you hear when adjusting the volume sliders is way quieter than
  9. Sorry, I'm not using bluetooth, just a USB elm327 adapter. Though as I suggested above, I'd see if you can get it working on a laptop so you know that it is indeed an issue with the AVIC setup. -PMS
  10. Mine started up without much work so I don't recall any configuration that needed to be done, except that I'm pretty sure that it uses COM3. Also, I won't get a reading till I turn the key to the point just before ignition. Engine doesn't need to be running, but I think that turns on the OBD system so it will at least show you stuff like battery voltage. I played around with my OBD reader via a laptop first so maybe you could use that to confirm that your car works with your reader. -PMS
  11. Couldn't say since I haven't tried to make a call for a while and I've applied a few different mods since then. I did clear MFD before applying 2.1 so I would think I've got a pretty clean slate. Does it work for you? It could be a physical problem with my button. Thanks, PMS
  12. Thanks again Ryar! That seems to have equalized the volumes enough so that I can get some control with the sliders within Primo. I haven't had those memory issues again either so launching into AvicNet works fine again. I'd be set except I just now found one other issue. Seems that pressing the volume knob no longer starts the voice recognition dialing. The phone works fine for incoming calls, and clearly I don't call out much while driving or else I'd have noticed it by now, but it'd be nice to have back. Anyone know how to re-enable the voice recognition dialing? Thanks, -PM
  13. Haven't played around with any skins so I suppose I'm just using the defaults. I did notice that some of Hobdrive's gauges have coloured dots behind them, I think to show average values. I didn't have those with your default install of the free version. They make the gauges difficult to read anyway so I'll try removing that to see if it frees up memory. Thanks for the suggestion for the sound too. I'll try these things on the weekend and let you know. Thanks, -PMS
  14. So my install of Ryar's AvicNet2.1 and full version of Hobdrive is working pretty stable now. I've just been taking short, infrequent trips lately, but I really prefer Primo2.0 map layout now and switching quickly to see advanced fuel economy stats is awesome. The one thing I'm still searching the forums for is a way to bring up the volume of the SDCard music relative to the Primo2.0 sounds. I put the SLA setting up to +4 in the main iGo AVSound settings and that helped, but I still need to put "voice volume" in Primo2.0 to almost the minimum so that it doesn't blow out my eardrums when I'
  15. How are you starting testmode? I boot into testmode with an SDCard and have never had an issue with other apps starting up unless I browse to them myself. -PMS
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