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  1. I did check it about a month ago and it was getting satellites. You can tell that it is getting GPS signal, it's just that it shows the position off by about a half mile most of the time and the speed will be way off.
  2. A couple of months ago the GPS on my AVIC6000 started acting up. It had difficulty locking in on my actual position and it would show me going much faster than my 2012 Jeep Wrangler can go, at one time 135 MPH. Sometimes it will work fine and other times it will show me going across fields or rivers doing in excess of 100 MPH. If there is a road near by it will hop over and show me on it then jump back off road. It started around the time I got an iPhone 7 and started using Car Play. Even if I don't have the iPhone connected it will do this. Sometimes when I connect the phone the phone itself
  3. I spoke with someone from Pioneer and he said it sounded like something was wrong. Well duh! I'm going to give Crutchfield a plug. I ordered the stereo from them over 2 months ago. They are sending me a new one instead of having me return it to Pioneer even though it is passed the time that they have to do that and instead of me sending the bad one back first, they are sending the replacement immediately.
  4. Here is another screen shot. I wish I could remember what it showed before the GPS went out.
  5. I just got this over the weekend. I have no clue what could be wrong.
  6. I've had my AVIC 6000 in for 2 months now and no issues until this weekend. I went to navigation and got the message on the attached photo. My first thought was that maybe the GPS antenna wire was binding somewhere and had been pinched or cut or possibly came unplugged. I pulled the head unit yesterday and it was fine. I even did a reset of the system and it did nothing to help. Any suggestions?
  7. On the camera settings it gives you the option for back up camera on or off. Did you set it to on? Also there is a polarity setting for ground or battery, set it to battery.
  8. A little over a week ago my daughters and I got new phones so I took my daughter's iPhone 4, wiped it and loaded my music on it. It is now my in Jeep iPod. It's working great. Now when I get back in and power up it picks up right where it left of.
  9. It's an aftermarket camera and no there wasn't a wire to reverse the image. The image looks really good for a $14 camera.
  10. Just for the power to the camera, ground or battery, and I even tried that and it doesn't reverse the image.
  11. My iPod is 8 years old but still works great. My daughter just got a new phone so I am going to try using her old iPhone 4 as an iPod and see if that works.
  12. I think I will probably be returning it.
  13. Mine is a 30gig Classic. Well, when I got it 8 years ago they didn't call it the Classic because it was the only style. It's a pain starting at the same some every time. Thanks for the help.
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