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  1. Found a fix for this thought would post on hear to help others, popped the unit out plugged my lightning lead in the back of the unit top outlet which is the USB1 port and CarPlay fired up straight away so, it was a faulty Pioneer lead from day one would assume all leads and unit would have been tested but obviously not but we'll pleases although I have been without this feature for 9 months since I purchased the unit. Just waiting for a replacement lead now from Pioneer Happy Days
  2. Hi guys bought this new headunit after having an SPH-DA-100 which was sold with my previous car and liked the apps which I used with this unit. However this new unit in the top left corner of the screen there is a box saying APPS a picture of a phone and cable and a X by the side of the phone. Also I cannot get CarPlay to come up, although when I go into settings smartphone setup Apple CarPlay is on and I have the 4logo at bottom ilimated which are CarPlay, iPod, Appradiomode and Avicsync any thoughts please
  3. As title my touch screen doesn't work, however I can still get most features via steering wheel controls. The one that I cannot get is the satnav because I cannot type the addresses in, so my question is can I get the Navfree app to display on the headunit screen via my iPhone?
  4. Cheers for that, I think I had better do a bit more reseach as I can get buy on a PC but not brilliant and dont want to buy yet another thing for my unit that I dont use lol. I purchased the leads for my iphone 5S only to find it was very glychy so bought a second hand Iphone 4S which is jailbroken works far better
  5. This sounds really interesting, could you also exsplain how you install the apps on the stick and a link to the stick you bought as i have just had a quick look and there are all sorts and prices so if i buy the same as you i know that one will be compaible with the unit
  6. do you not have to touch the iphone at all as its in the glovebox? or just the once to allow the appradio app to activate?
  7. Finally got round to buying a second hand iPod touch 3rd generation 32 gb connected it up altered the head unit to others as I am running an IPhone 5S but when I launch appradio it it says allow on my phone but then it doesn't launch. Played around for ages to no avail just looked at the appradio in the app store and it says only compatible with iPod touch 4 gen is this correct, the iPod works for music by the way
  8. Thanks for the replies guys would the iPod work I I downloaded rout with Wifi before hand?
  9. I don't I was thinking I could buy a second hand one if Nav would works as it's only Nav and music I use I thought if it worked could leave it connected all the time and then have my phone for calls via Bluetooth
  10. Anyone running or know if an iPod touch will work other than music if I were download Nav free on one would it work on the appradio2?
  11. Are I see, mine is really good as well or should I say it was until I upgraded to a 5S lol wish I hadn't bothered upgrading to be honest the one I made for my 4S I bought a jive cable to couple it up now it seems the only extension cable for my lightning cable to hide all the garbage coupled to my 5S that will work is another jive cable probably £30 shipped to UK assuming customs don't pull it
  12. Just updated my firmware and installed new leads to take my iphone 5S but now my rear speakers don't work which I had when I had it first installed,the fitter told me to adjust something in the setting But as its a fair time ago I cannot rember what (senior moment) Been looking at the manual think its saying the rear speaker is set to full and it says to set it to off but its greyed out any thoughts
  13. Hi thanks for the reply not sure what your showing me? are you saying what I asked is what your using hear? any chance of a quick run through of exactly what you have Cheers
  14. Finally got round to updating my firmware which went surprisingly well for me, however does anyone know if I were to plug a 8 pin to 30 pin with 3.5mm audio converter into my 30 pin cable jive cable then into the digital AV adapter would thus give me Satnav and iPod, I know it won't give me videos but was hoping it just might give me Satnav, The only reason for wanting this is I made a custom dock in my ashtray Sent from my iPhone
  15. Hi thanks for your replies guys, I haven't got my S4 anymore I have the 5S, don't want to jailbreak it as it's obviously under warranty, but I thought of the S2 as getting the ARLilberator but if you guys say better with my 5S I trust your judgement. The other thing that put me off useing my 5S was the wiring situation with that apple connector gizmo can't think what's it's called lol but know I need one, and know there 40 squid so will order one today thanks again
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