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Double DIN LCD HU with audio visualizations?

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What 2-DIN LCD head units have audio visualizations? Such as spectrum analyzers, VU meters, etc.? Doesn't have to be Pioneer, doesn't even have to be name-brand, don't need navigation, doesn't need the best sound quality.

All I've found so far is the AVH-P6800DVD which the Crutchfield site says has "background videos", spectrum analyzers, even an entertainment clock. Sounds good, but I don't need the changer and was hoping to find something a little cheaper.
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Isn't the AVH-P6800DVD an exception?

I thought I saw photos of a cheap generic Chinese 2-DIN color LCD stereo that had a spectrum analyzer. I might not have minded it being a cheap Chinese stereo for this particular car, but I do want iPod control and integration and that stereo didn't offer it.
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I ended up just getting another AVIC-D1 for that car, but I would love to have a 6800DVD.
I still need an iPod since I have 14GB of music. :lol:
I think it's a shame it can't play MP3's on DVD though. I have a JVC KD-AVX2 single DIN unit that can play MP3's on DVD so that's 4.3GB in one single slot. 8.6GB if I were to burn my MP3's to a DVD-DL.
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