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  1. My vintage iPod just died and thinking to upgrade it with an old iPhone. Found a bunch of these adapters, but they all say they're not compatible with CD-IB100II. Anyone know the technical reason why? Should just be stepping down 12V to 5V and sending the output to different pins.
  2. SSD, Here we go...

    Anyone tried an SDXC or MicroSDXC card in an SDXC-to-IDE adapter?
  3. Oops :( I broke my screen.

    Just curious if anyone has any detailed pics of the screen itself with the Pioneer board removed? I occasionally find these with cracked screens and replacements are prohibitively expensive through Pioneer. I wonder if these screens were manufactured by a different company (Sharp, AUO, LG, etc).
  4. Does there exist a double-DIN head unit that mirrors Android with touch control? Maybe something with HDMI input and a USB touch output that puts the Android video output directly on the display. I think I understand AppRadio and I think that's not what I'm looking for. I don't think MirrorLink is what I'm looking for either. I want to plug an Android stick directly into the stereo and display the Android stick's video output unmodified. Easy enough with any HU that has A/V inputs, BUT I want to control it via touch using the HU itself. Here's an example of what I'm wanting: However, I'm looking for that in a complete head unit with built-in tuner and not just a screen. Does such a thing exist? I know some people have built Android car PCs or used tablets in place of the HU, but I'd like an HU-based solution so I have instant music when the car starts and FM radio.
  5. Hacked AVIC Head Unit..... POSSIBLE??

    Not in the Z1, Z2, or Z3 it isn't.
  6. Memory card for the Avic 80DVD

    Unfortunately, I don't remember that either. I'm pretty sure someone posted the info in the CNDV-90MT thread. I tried to find it, but the search function here sucks. I was able to find references to it in Google, but they don't work because they point to links from the old forum software. Anyway, I'm pretty sure the info is buried deep in this 42-page thread somewhere: http://avic411.com/index.php?showtopic=24250 Any memory card in a PCMCIA adapter will work. I got a cheap Chinese SDHC to PCMCIA adapter from eBay and every card I put in it works fine, including MicroSD in an adapter.
  7. Memory card for the Avic 80DVD

    No, it won't read many files off the memory card. I don't remember it being able to read any of the maps off of it, just a few other files. Enough to get it to boot a newer disc from a D1/D2 (CNDV-80 and CNDV-90 which lack the 80DVD code). The firmware needs to be hacked to read the rest of the files off the SD card. A smart hacker could probably figure out what to change, but unfortunately, I'm not that smart. You also can't combine both discs, because it has identical filenames on both. You'd have to somehow disassemble and reassemble the .kwi files as a combined map. All I know about the .kwi files are they're called KIWI files, an open standard for map discs. http://www.kiwi-w.org/index_eng.html I know doing both is technically possible, I just don't know how.
  8. Memory card for the Avic 80DVD

    I may have posted more detail here at some point, maybe in one of the CNDV-90DVD threads a year ago, but I've slept a lot since then and can't remember. If you find out anything, please share. I'm still using the AVIC-80DVD.
  9. Confirmed: Generic DivX format for SD avi and DVD DivX

    Thanks for the info! Being able to play .avi or DVD without conversion would be the main reason I'd want to upgrade my HU, so if the Z110BT doesn't do it, I'm not disappointed that I missed the great deals that were going around earlier in the Spring. WD TV Mini runs on 12V so no AC/DC converter or cig lighter necessary. I used an old universal radar detector hard-wire kit and a fuse adapter. I have the WD TV Mini plugged into a fuse that comes on with ACC power, same as the HU. It's currently just sitting in the glovebox, only drawback so far is I have to open the glovebox to use the remote control, so I also had to pull the glovebox bulb.
  10. Add-on navigation cross compatibility for AVH

    I don't know if it would work, but you could always try one of the old Pioneers, AVIC-8DVD or AVIC-9DVD. They use the same connection. They're DVD-based, but not too bad. Navi features are equivalent to an AVIC-D2. Latest official maps were 2008, but it's possible to make a hybrid disc with 2009 maps from the D2. Someone on the forum once said it wouldn't work, but I'm not sure how an aftermarket unit can work with all these HUs using one protocol while a genuine Pioneer couldn't.
  11. Add-on navigation cross compatibility for AVH

    I think this is the video:
  12. Add-on navigation cross compatibility for AVH

    Yes, that product does claim to be compatible. I have no experience with it myself.
  13. 30-gigabyte hard drive of my Z1

    Usted tendrá que desbloquear la primera unidad. http://www.hddunlock.com/
  14. Confirmed: Generic DivX format for SD avi and DVD DivX

    felixgun - thanks for the reply, but what I meant was, can the Z110BT play .avi files straight from torrents without conversion? Just copy to SD, stick it in, and it plays? And by DVD Menu support, what I mean is can I rip a DVD into AUDIO_TS and VIDEO_TS, then copy those files to SD card, and the Z110BT can play them with full navigation of the DVD menu? With my current setup, I have a WD TV Mini connected to A/V inputs and I control it using its IR remote. It's not entirely convenient, but the WD TV Mini will play DivX and Xvid .avi files right from torrents without any kind of conversion, just copy to flash drive, plug it in, and it plays. WD TV Mini does the same with DVDs when AUDIO_TS and VIDEO_TS are copied to flash drive. I am also able to plug in an external HDD to it full of ripped DVDs and play them individually. It supports DVD Menu so for DVDs of TV shows, I can select the episode I want to watch or use scene selection. I was hoping the Z110BT would have those kinds of features built in.
  15. Cheapest place to get a Z110BT???

    No longer available from al-eds. Who will cartoys PM to in order to get the $891 price?