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I was looking at the 6800 and the Z1, but the 6800 didn't have dual zone capability. That's the only reason I got the Z1 over it. I mean, the navi is cool, but I didn't really need it. I didn't like the idea that I couldn't let my daughter watch a movie in the back seat and listen to radio or CD or whatever in the front.
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Ok i am going to try and use this method on the z1 theoritically it should work. but when i go to the radio shack site which on exactly do i buy. There is so many different kinds of 50k resistors as well as 100uf capacitors. which one do I get? Also just to be sure but this is a bypass so that i don't have to use that pac switch right.
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Another Bypass that works is as follows and requires the use of a standard 5 pole relay. Take the olive wire and hook it up to pole 30, take pole 87 and 85 and hook them up to ground. Take Pole 86 and hook it up to your blue/white remote turn on wire off the back of the deck. You MUST use that wire not a standard acessory wire as the timing is not correct that way.
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