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  1. Eh, out of the industry now and I didn't think I could do anything cool to my Z110 so I don't check the board much anymore. Guess that may change if someone figures out how to mod this thing like my old F700 was
  2. Wow, wasn't sure anyone would figure it out. Well done!
  3. DNX 9140 vs 7140 vs 8120

    Ummmm. Yes please!
  4. Have D3, should I upgrade to F900BT?

    There are dozens of threads already discussing this topic

    Put your parking brake on
  6. My D3 to F90BT Experience

    I want a remote that lets me change presets like i can on the D3. Hope they fix that someday
  7. Pioneer lays off 10000 "non-essential" employees!!

    Already a thread on this, delete: http://www.avic411.com/forum/viewtopic.php?t=21721
  8. Pioneer closing down?

    Car Electronics = F-series. They went from selling a ton of D3s for full pop to having to whore out the F-series to get ANYONE to buy them. Thats why the huge losses
  9. Avic-Z3 & Pioneer CD-IB100II

    Thought you said DVD/CD worked? Sorry, would've mentioned that instead
  10. Z3 versus F900BT?

    Ipod and bluetooth are better of the F. Z is better at everything else and doesn't have any bugs. Up to you
  11. Avic-Z3 & Pioneer CD-IB100II

    Switch the P-bus cable to the correct location at the ipod box
  12. My D3 to F90BT Experience

    There is on the F-series too. Deck has to be in the 'OFF' source and its in the navigation menu
  13. Nav Map stuck in NYC

    Use the modify current location thingmenu button to move it somewhat near where you actually are and then it will correct to exactly where you are after a few seconds. Much better than losing all your settings by resetting each time
  14. My D3 to F90BT Experience

    I agree with most all of your points. The lack of remote is retarded! Aren't they embarrassed that you can but a cheapo pioneer cd player for less than $100 (probably less than $70 online) and it comes with a remote control? But for $1200 you're screwed if your car doesn't have factory steering wheel controls. How the hell am I supposed to change presets from the map screen without pressing like five buttons on the touch screen that take like two seconds each to react? Anyhoo, I think problem #8 on your list is fixable in the settings. Totally agree with the rest though
  15. problem with my n2

    Download and burn it, or buy it from Pioneer for $120