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Advice on speaker job

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I'm looking to upgrae my stereo system. I have a Pioneer AVIC-D3 as my headunit and am going to replace all of the speakers and add a pair of 6x9s to the rear deck, giving me 8 speakers total. My questions are what kind of amp would I need and as far as speaker brands go, what is recommended? I currently have Infinities and I'm just not impressed. I need pairs of 3.5", 6.5", 5.25" and 6x9".

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Hey bud, I am kind of in your same boat. I too have Infinity all around in my car. They are the top of the line Kappas however but I am still not 100% on them. Everytime I turn them up they make me want to jump out of the car - too tinny! I am running them off of a Kenwood DDX814 tho and I thought that was it but from demoing some other speakers (albeit rather expensive speakers around here) I think they might be the issue. I have been really looking hard at a set of Hertz speakers the High Energy series to be precise. They are just ssssoooooo smooth sounding and they produce a ton of mid-bass where my Infinities always seemed to lack. The highs aren't bright and tinny but are most definitely there. They just sound like music should if ya know what I mean. If I were you, I would give them a look. One thing is you won't find them anywhere on line for sale cheap tho. You get better service out of an authorized dealer anyway and are still cheaper than other comparables that I have found like Focal for instance. I will say what most do, try to stick with one company for all your full range speakers as one brand usually blends better together sonically. I am probably going to swap out my 6x9s too with a set of Hertz later too. Hertz does make all of those sizes too and if you want to go really crazy you could go for their top line Milles but they are very pricey but you are getting some sweet speakers tho. As for amp to power everything, I would say you will probably need two 4 channel amps to power 8 speakers. You will need a sub amp too if you are looking to go with a sub. I would suggest this too as there is no replacement for a sub. Nothing will give you much below 50 Hz or so really and absolutely nothing will hit below 30 Hz which is what gives you that rumble :D

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