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Sub to Enclosure Gap

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Does it matter on the space between the rear of my sub and the wall of the enclosure? If there is only like 1/2 inch to 1 inch gap between the rear and the fiberglass wall will I have any issues? I still plan on keeping the overall spare requirements needed for the sub.


I am using a JL 8W7 in a custom fiberglass enclosure. I am needing to make it as shallow as possible. Any warning against doing this before I start would be greatly appreciated.



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Yes, it will be a sealed box. Also, regarding polyfill and the inside of the fiberglass box. Should I put anything on the inside to cover the actualy fiberglass? like seal it with anything? Also, what about the Dynamat items they sell for sub enclosures in place of fill ? (the little black squares) Do they work just as well at reducing standing waves?



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Just make sure the woofer's back plate doesn't hit the enclosure at high volumes. If the enclosure is properly built and doesn't flex, a space of about 3/4" should be OK, but usual rule of thumb is to try and keep a space the diameter of the vent in the back plate of the sub behind it.

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While on this topic, I might be fiberglassing an enclosure for the first time soon. I got an old used sub donated to me by a friend, and if it really sucks well I may end up going and getting a replacement. Since i'm not in a hurry, I'm going to try to mock up an enclosure of my own for my car, and shop around a bit for a good amp.


How do I determine how big the enclosure should be? I assumed I could just make it the size of the space I wanted to fill?


The sub is a 10" Pioneer TS-W256C, 800W max.




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You can determine the airspace inside an unconventionally-shaped enclosure by filling it with kitty litter and vacuuming it out with a shop-vac. then, just measure the depth of the kitty litter in the canister of the shop-vac, use this formula, http://www.the12volt.com/caraudio/boxcalcs.asp#cyl and you have the airspace.

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