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Alpine PDX-5...Couple Questions

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Well, I guess the first question is....Has anyone on this board installed or know much about this amp?


Right off the top, I have been finding some conflicting information both on other forums as well as via Alpine's website and Crutchfield..


1) It states the amp is 75 x 4 @ 4 Ohms, and 300 x 1 @ 2 Ohms....but the mono channel is stable @ 300 x 1 @ 4 Ohms in "bridged mode"... <--- This is the manufacturer site..


On other forums I have read where the amp pushes the same 300 x 1 @ both 2 Ohms & 4 Ohms (Not Bridged)...Also, the product manual kind of states this as well, but its not very clear. To me that says that I am fine running my JL Audio 12W3V3-4 on this amp...I just was wondering if anyone knows this to be true...You can read this for yourself...Page (1)


http://support.alpine-usa.com/products/ ... 5%20OM.PDF



2) As well, it states that 4 gauge wire is "recommended" for this install. I already have cables run in my truck that are 8 gauge and at the risk of cutting some corners, would I be fine with the 8 gauge wire, or should I really run all new 4 gauge wire? The amp will be installed under the front passenger seat so the distance to the battery would probably be no more than 10 feet I am guessing....



3) Finally...I understand the basic premise of RMS --> RMS power associations, but I currently have Infinity Reference 4002i speakers in the rear doors. They are rated @ 35W RMS @ 4 Ohms....Would I be safe still running these on one of the 75W RMS Channels coming off the amp? I know you should neither underpower or overpower a speaker...but again...Just trying to save a few bucks here considering the amp is $600 from an "authorized" dealer...


Any comments would be greatly appreciated!! Thanks..


Peace ~ HFoM

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Well, I figured I would follow this up and let people know what I found out, and what I decided to do...Only doing this in case someone else stumbles across this post and has similar questions...


1) It turns out that the Alpine PDX-5 runs the mono sub channel at the same RMS @ either 2 or 4 Ohms...No need to worry about bridging a channel to get 4 ohm impedence @ 300 watts x 1...Thats the good news for people who have a sub or subs with either impedence..


2) I opted to just go for 4 gauge wiring and eliminate any guess work or chances of something going wrong. Not really sure why I questioned what the manufacturer recommended anyway.


3) Screw the idea of worrying about running a 35w rated speaker on a 75w RMS channel...I ended up buying components for the rear doors.


All in all, I have my work cut out for me this weekend...but if anyone is interested...It's a moderate sound system for a truck. Not looking to build a competition system, I just wanted a decent rig setup...Here's the system breakdown with linked text:


Pioneer AVIC-Z120BT

Pioneer XM Module

Alpine PDX-5 Multichannel Amp

JL Audio 12W3V3-4 Sub (QLogic Wedge Enclosure)

Alpine SPR-17S Components (Front)

Alpine SPR-13S Components (Rear)


Peace ~ HFoM

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