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Pioneer Hackathon

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Just posted by Pioneer:


Calling all app developers! Are you up for the challenge? Do you think you have what it takes to work non-stop to create the next big app to work with Pioneer's AppRadio, the revolutionary in-dash car stereo that controls compatible apps directly from its touchscreen? If so, we'll see you in Vegas!




Find out more and register for free at http://www.pioneerhackathon.com.

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Recommended Comments

How about a hack that allows more than the 2500 files / 300 folder limit for USB storage devices attached to Pioneer head units? Even better, a hack that allows install of a fully featured media player so that any hard drive, flash drive, USB drive can feed the player? This is 2012, how can we be arbitrarily capped at 2500 songs? I want my entire music / video collection with me, and the cloud can't offer it, so the embedded device is the answer.

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Amen Greenbone. If I had know I would all of those limitations with my 930bt I would have never purchased it. Dont get me started on the lack of everything with LackRadio. I mean comeon, you should be at minimum be able to play music from a microsd card.

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I'm with you too, a bit late coming to the party, but the F-40bt, £1,300 ($2,000) and a 2,500 song limit, I was gutted after spending that....

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i have app-radio 3 using pioneer da-210 concocted to my galaxy s4 thru hdmi cable my galaxy s4 is rooted and no pioneer app radio app in my galaxy s4 or car key board installed 

for some how i cant mirror link may galaxy phone 

every time i start AR liberator app it well connect for 3to 4 second then it well drop the connection 

i can see my phone screen in my unit but i cannot do the mirror link 

EVERY THING WORKING FINE Except the mirror ink 

pleas help

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