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  1. Map update 2018

    Don't think there was an official update relased for 2018 according to the official Pioneer page.
  2. Album art on F20BT

    You can't, even on the f30/40. Best option is to pick up a cheap ipod. There is a file limit (1,500 songs I think) with a USB stick anyway.
  3. Skip warning on 2015 EU Update?

    Perfect,. thanks! What a noob! the code was different in PRG0, but looked right in PRG1, so will look to copy that, and hope it works! Edit: Works perfectly, many thanks again!
  4. Skip warning on 2015 EU Update?

    HI, bit confused, can't seem to be able to locate BEC64 in navi.exe in PRG1 or PRG0, am I missing something ( F-30bt) with 2015 maps. cheers
  5. speed camera download file for avic-f30bt

    try poiplaza, personally I googled free poi speed cameras...
  6. speed camera download file for avic-f30bt

    Hi All, believe it was http://www.poibase.com/ you have to register (free), but gives you a years update. cheers
  7. speed camera download file for avic-f30bt

    there is an official poi forum who will give you a years worth of free cameras, it's totally legit too, so I'd start there, that is who I used
  8. Hi all, thanks for the great work,can someone please pm me the password for the zip, thanks very much
  9. Help - F940BT - MicroSD MP3s with album artwork

    As above, it's not. Also note that on the F30/F930/F40 etc, the SD card has a 1,500 file/ song limit!! So if you have a decent amount of music on there you are limited. Just go on e-bay and purchase a 5th gen ipod (30gb for only £30), solves both problems! for a bargain amount
  10. Video playback

    Try xvid ( which the manual says is unsupported), only thing that got mine (f30bt) working
  11. Music sphere does not see any of my music

    Have you tried running it with your wife's iTunes account? How much music do you have on it also? I've got music sphere, but personally just use my own playlists. The music sphere seems a little over complicated way of picking a tune if you ask me.
  12. 1st post. New z150bh owner. Wow!

    App mode seems all talk and no trousers to me. Maybe I missing something
  13. Z150BH - Music on SDHC card

    They are played in the order they were added, rather than numerical or alphabetical order. There is some freeware like drive sort that allows you to do this, more threads on the subject if you search for them
  14. I finally got my F30bt to play video (off SD card ), ignored the booklet and encoded with Xvid... go figure!
  15. 2500 mp3 USB file limit

    I know, ridiculous, especially on a unit that was retailing at over £1k! Currently trying to a video, (any video) to play from SD, tried loads of setting, any tips ( F30bt) welcome Edit: Ignore the booklet, my plays XVid., not H264.