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  1. Map update 2018

    OK - thnx . We will have to wait and see if there will be some updates for this oldie then…..
  2. Map update 2018

    Hi Any one has this 2018 mapupdate for theese old 9310 BT models ?
  3. Hi I have loaded the newest 2017 MAP for my device F9310 back in august 2017 , everything worked fine , also backcamera. But suddenly now its only showing yellow and red lines and black screen The lense is clean . Polarity is set to Battery - I actualy switched battery some weeks ago , can this be the reason ? Does anyone have any idea ? Faulty cables or camera or bad fuses for this device ?
  4. @frisk - I managed to figure out now how to do it Thnx a lot !!
  5. @frisk I did try to follow your small guide , files are copied on the root of my SD card ( 4GB - Fat32) But nothing is happening when I insert the card and AVIC F9310BT is turned on. Also tried to start engine whilts card is in slot - same story. I have the latest sw version 7.00 and the newest EU 2017 card . Used this 4GB card in the updating process , so its acually working . Can you please guide me whats wrong ? Thnx
  6. @mani1980 Use this pw : 'Dracarys'
  7. Speedcams for F9310BT

    OK - I will try that later - thnx for mentioning this Sjarrel I see 3 files from 2014 ? Arent there any newer once . How to actually perform the update ?
  8. Speedcams for F9310BT

    Has anyone an idea if this device supports speedcams - and if so if IGO speedcam files can be used ? I have looked in different forums and I see that some users are mentioning thoose .txt files to be compatible ... I have copied as suggested it to a SD card (FAT32 - default settings ) and to this path : F:\poi\speedcam\ But when starting the Pioneer nothing is loading ? Is there anyone in here that might know about this option ? speedcam_DK.txt
  9. Worked for me on F9310BT too . Followed the guidance from RonS and files from Godzilla Awesome job Thanks!
  10. Question : After the update with fix from @RonS , and the device is booted. Do you then need to delete the 2 files from SD Card and then copy the Mapupdate files (Folder FIRMWARE, UPDATE , Cardinfo )back to the SD card or can all 6 files be there on the same time ? I have a F9310 BT device with version 6.00
  11. update 2017 european + speed cam for f9310bt

    Still nothing new available for this F9310 ??
  12. Map Update 2016 for AVIC F-9310BT ?

    I´m looking for the Europe region
  13. Map Update 2016 for AVIC F-9310BT ?

    Hi Does anyone know if there has been made any updates for this 9310 BT model . Has already the 2015 Maps present on my device....