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  1. Hi I have loaded the newest 2017 MAP for my device F9310 back in august 2017 , everything worked fine , also backcamera. But suddenly now its only showing yellow and red lines and black screen The lense is clean . Polarity is set to Battery - I actualy switched battery some weeks ago , can this be the reason ? Does anyone have any idea ? Faulty cables or camera or bad fuses for this device ?
  2. @frisk - I managed to figure out now how to do it Thnx a lot !!
  3. @frisk I did try to follow your small guide , files are copied on the root of my SD card ( 4GB - Fat32) But nothing is happening when I insert the card and AVIC F9310BT is turned on. Also tried to start engine whilts card is in slot - same story. I have the latest sw version 7.00 and the newest EU 2017 card . Used this 4GB card in the updating process , so its acually working . Can you please guide me whats wrong ? Thnx
  4. @mani1980 Use this pw : 'Dracarys'
  5. Speedcams for F9310BT

    OK - I will try that later - thnx for mentioning this Sjarrel I see 3 files from 2014 ? Arent there any newer once . How to actually perform the update ?
  6. Speedcams for F9310BT

    Has anyone an idea if this device supports speedcams - and if so if IGO speedcam files can be used ? I have looked in different forums and I see that some users are mentioning thoose .txt files to be compatible ... I have copied as suggested it to a SD card (FAT32 - default settings ) and to this path : F:\poi\speedcam\ But when starting the Pioneer nothing is loading ? Is there anyone in here that might know about this option ? speedcam_DK.txt
  7. Worked for me on F9310BT too . Followed the guidance from RonS and files from Godzilla Awesome job Thanks!
  8. Question : After the update with fix from @RonS , and the device is booted. Do you then need to delete the 2 files from SD Card and then copy the Mapupdate files (Folder FIRMWARE, UPDATE , Cardinfo )back to the SD card or can all 6 files be there on the same time ? I have a F9310 BT device with version 6.00
  9. update 2017 european + speed cam for f9310bt

    Still nothing new available for this F9310 ??
  10. Map Update 2016 for AVIC F-9310BT ?

    I´m looking for the Europe region
  11. Map Update 2016 for AVIC F-9310BT ?

    Hi Does anyone know if there has been made any updates for this 9310 BT model . Has already the 2015 Maps present on my device....