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  1. Hi, update from POIbase (24/10/2021) for France-Germany-Benelux-Switzerland-Liechtenstein (12188 POIs). Enjoy! 21-10-24 POIbase Speedcams.zip
  2. Hi, update from POIbase (23/08/2021) for France-Germany-Benelux-Switzerland-Liechtenstein. Enjoy! PC.zip
  3. Hi, update from POIbase (25/06/2021) for France-Germany-Benelux-Switzerland-Liechtenstein... radars fr-benelux-sw-deu.zip
  4. thanks a lot! I used hack script, map, TTS and nonag script and everything went flawlessly and took less than 25 minutes on my old F930BT. As a gift, here are the latest fixed speedcam for France, Germany, Switzerland, Liechtenstein and Benelux (all in one, about 11.000 POIs) : radars fr-benelux-sw-deu.7z
  5. Hi, here are the latest speedcams (2021/17/01) for France-Germany-Benelux-Liechtenstein... all-in one (about 11.000 POIs). radars fr-benelux-sw-deu.7z
  6. klas

    Hello i installed your speedcam file in my F930bt and it was installed. but how and where do i

    set speedcams "on" in avic parameters!. cant find speedcams in show poi menu

  7. Hi Thomas, there is no trick : you just have to pay and POIbase app will do it for you. Here is your file... DE-A-CH-6359POIs.zip
  8. Hi Rob, thanks for the feedback, I add F30BT to the compatibility list. Here is your file... DE-NL-BE-LU-7771POIs.zip
  9. Hi, thanks for the feedback, I add F920BT to the compatibility list.
  10. @saliphil & MikkoM : Sorry for the delay, it was holiday time in France... See the attached files for requested packs : France-Espagne-Portugal-Andorre (5048 POIs) et Finlande-Norvège-Suède-Estonie (2777 POIs). @sheringham : I'm glad you manage to install by yourself. @taek72 : thanks for the feedback, I add F10BT to the compatibility list. FR-ES-PT-AD-5048POIs.zip FI-NO-SE-EE-2777POIs.zip
  11. Hi! I can provide european speedcams (fixed only) from my POIbase account for F920BT/F930BT/F9310BT/F10BT/F30BT (and probably for other models but I can't test so just try and tell me if it's OK for your model...). I use them since a few years and get sound warning when approaching a fixed speedcam. They also appear on the map. First of all, try with your own country! - download attached zip file and extract ; - then extract your country zip file directly to your SD without modifying anything ; - put SD in your powered-on avic, you should see a warning - accept the installation
  12. Hi, I can provide actual fixed speedcams (from POIbase) for F930BT/F9310BT... here
  13. Updated my old F930BT... everything went flawlessly (hack, update & nonag). Thanks a lot! EDIT : is there something new with this update ?
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