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  1. I do not warrant this procedure working for everyone but I now have a working HU. Used the SuperTestMode on a freshly full formatted microSD card. Also on the card was the 4.6000 update downloaded from Pioneer and extracted. From the SuperTestMode 1) I formatted the USER and NDATA partitions using the Drive Maintenance options. 2) Program Forced Write the update for all the options/components. Quick note - without formatting the partitions the forced write failed each time. Finally updated to the latest maps from the EU 2013 post on here. Hope this helps someone
  2. Hi Everyone. Just wondering if it is possible to have MP3 playback from the MicroSD card with album artwork? My MP3 tags seem ok with the artwork attached. TIA
  3. Care to elaborate for all of us that are new to this please? Which file needs to be HEX edited please?
  4. Possibly a dumb question But have you tried the super testmode or the hack to boot to wince? Can you not just force reinstall the software from these options?
  5. Hi Everyone Trying to find a solution to my firmware update nightmare... During the update to the latest FW thought everything had gone to plan, but now comes up with no software installed. Had a quick read of this forum, and unfortunately I do not have a backup and I think/guess the HU needs a software rebuild. Is there any way to fix this myself? Thanking you all in anticipation.
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