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  1. Kudos to jimmy303 - South Florida install of D3 in 2008 xB

    Hey Jimmy, Carlos here. From what I've read the alternator whine is most likely a ground loop somewhere, possibly. Let me know when you have time to take a look at it please. Thanks.
  2. Kudos to jimmy303 - South Florida install of D3 in 2008 xB

    I hope the weekend prior I can take a bunch of gear to you and you can make magic happen! I have been slowly working on my xB and finally all my gear is here! I'll be calling you up soon Jimmy.
  3. divix formats ?

    File extensions. .avi .mpeg or .mpg .divx
  4. 2.2V on pre-out right? At what volume?

    Yes, I have been listening, I try to be a quick study. I have almost all the equipment from that schematic sitting in my home, the D3 is already installed. I have some sound deadening done as well, but not all. No time lately, with son being sick and myself and wife it's been difficult to set aside time. I'm waiting for the sub enclosure to get in, then the rest gets installed, I'm just trying to do it all "right". Wait is killing me though. I'm trying to get a clean signal from my HU, I don't want my HU distorting. I'm trying to avoid distorting anywhere down the line actually. I'd prefer to be safe and have it all be clean all the time, I understand not all things are recorded at the same level, etc. Nonetheless I'd prefer not to push beyond the limits of my equipment and possibly damage something. Even setting everything within these safe limits using "geek scientific" methods I figure the volume levels should be loud enough to keep me grinning happily. cntrylvr, don't worry about me in that sense, rap and/or hip hop will likely never "grace" my sound system if I'm alive, definitely not my thing. House music for me, the occasional trance, techno, etc. Thanks for everyone's input thus far. When I finally get around to it I'll post back with my results in case someone else down the road is doing a sound system and searches like I did. lol
  5. 2.2V on pre-out right? At what volume?

    I want to make sure my HU is feeding my amp a clean signal, and so on and so forth. How is that over thinking? Thanks for your input, I guess...
  6. So the D3 has 2.2V pre-outs. At what volume does it reach that? To setup an audio system correctly I need to know at what volume to set the HU to then set my gains on the amp. D3 goes up to 40, but at what volume does it hit 2.2V? I'll go through the trouble of finding out myself in a few weeks but just wondering if some of you had already done it so I can have a ballpark figure to reference. Method: Using a DMM connect the leads to the pin & shield of your RCA's. Now start playing a 0 dB test tone (with all EQ, loudness, bass boost, etc. flat) and start turning the volume on the HU up, watching the AC voltage coming out. Your HU is supposed to output 2.2V on the pre-outs, so be looking for a number in that ballpark (but not over). Make a note of what the highest volume setting was before the voltage went over 2.2V. That is your absolute maximum HU volume. Thanks in advance.
  7. Kudos to jimmy303 - South Florida install of D3 in 2008 xB

    This is clean work...
  8. Kudos to jimmy303 - South Florida install of D3 in 2008 xB

    This was my aim, help out fellow South Floridian's. When I had searched I came up empty. If you go to Jimmy you will not be disappointed with his level of craft.
  9. Kudos to jimmy303 - South Florida install of D3 in 2008 xB

    Looking forward to it! I hope this thread helps out someone else in the South Florida area, when I searched around there seemed to be very little help to someone needing an installer, let alone a damn good one.
  10. Jimmy installed the D3 in my 2008 Scion xB and also hooked up the Pioneer Inno for XM just as requested. Clean install, very professional, he does things right. Soldering, heatshrink, etc. Highly recommended! I drove all the way to Miami where his shop is, and I'll be driving back down there again once all my audio gear comes in so he can install that too. Thanks Jimmy!
  11. Which brand DL DVD to copy Nav Discs?

    Thank you sir!
  12. Invisibleshield Screen protector for D series $8.48

  13. Which brand DL DVD to copy Nav Discs?

    What did you use to make the backup ISO image, please?
  14. Invisibleshield Screen protector for D series $8.48

    Thanks, paid $7.48 and free shipping.
  15. avic d3 east coast nav dvd

    I'll give it a try, thanks. Is there a way to make an iso of the current disc so I can just burn them that way?