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  1. The 100MT disc will have all the latest firmware, updates etc, as found in earlier discs. You can use that.
  2. The hardware on the N1 will not support the new IPOD interfaces. It is a hardware issue, not a software upgrade on the map discs. I had an N1 as well and sent it in to this mod shop on ebay to upgrade the hardware to an N3 with upgraded XM and IPOD interface. Its worked great for 2 years now with no issues. The IPOD interface has total ipod control, but is not as user friendly as the N4 and above. Here is the site I purchased the mod from. http://cgi.ebay.com/AVIC-UPGRADE-HARDWA ... 5ad50e6063
  3. Just ordered east and west disks from Ebay. Supposedly real copies for 25$ for both disks. Lets see if there's truth to the advertising
  4. cant wait til someone puts the ISO online for download!! YAY!
  5. Connect and Direct Your iPod®* How much music and video can you bring to your AVIC-N5? That depends on how deep your iPod® library is. In addition to the built-in arsenal of multimedia playback options, Pioneer iPod-ready navigation systems like the AVIC-N5 make integrating your iPod® simple with the optional CD-I200 iPod® Direct Control cable. And control of your iPod® music and video library is quick and seamless via touch screen control of the intuitive graphic menu. Once you try the AVIC-N5’s iPod® playback, you’ll be using it to play all of the songs, podcasts, and videos you c
  6. Ive had the same problem with disks that were not burned correctly, so Im assuming a scratched up disk would cause the same issues. I had a very scratched up disk once and it would take a while to load certain screens and take me back to the home screen if I tried to go to a screen it didnt like
  7. Anyone know of a place where I could do a trade-in type deal to trade in my Modded N3 for a newer N5? I see N5 around like like 750 new, so I was wondering if I could fetch like $450 tradein for an N3 to get this new one.
  8. Anyone know where I can get a Pioneer DEQ-P8000 5.1 Channel Digital Audio Processor for cheap. I've looked on ebay but they are all listed at 300+ dollars.
  9. hmmmm, i might wait n see then. Im at least gonna upgrade to an N5, but I may just hold off on the tv tuner then. Thanks for all the info, really helped a lot.
  10. thanks man, thats a sick setup. How is it while the car is in motion. My regular tv tuner tends to get all static and choppy even with amplified antenna
  11. can you post the model numbers of that gear. It looks like ebay took down the links. Im prolly gonna sell my n3 and tv tuner and upgrade to n5 with this tuner
  12. wastedtime2525

    CNDV 90

    Anyone know when the next round of upgrade disks will come around? Last year was only map updates so I'm hoping this year they throw in some firmware updates too.
  13. glad i could help. Ive gotten so much help on these forums its nice to return the favor back to someone.
  14. if your arrow keeps moving and does not turn or if it stops altogether you most likely have a dead gps antenna. I have burned out 2 antennas thus far on my avic unit in the last 6 years. You can also try repositioning the antenna, removing it altogether and making sure its not getin crushed by something in the car, but most likely its a busted antenna
  15. sweeeeet as long as its ready by football season next year ill be happy. I never have to worry about leavin a friends house at halftime, i can just tune in to the 'skins in my car
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