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  1. Hello guy's, I't will exist an way to Mirroing the Full S7 to the Head Unit so i can use Navigon, Games or what ever on the AVH-X8600BT? The S7 have no MHL Support but i want to use as first Navigon on it and not only the Mirrorlink app's. thank for info and help Xelator
  2. Hi how i can use now non-suportet apps on the AVH-X8600BT with an iPhone 5s without the AppRadio Extensions? bye
  3. I'm sorry but is mikedecaro death i meen his las Active her Jun 06.14, on the appex is his last Active 4/17/2014 and on Twitter the same.
  4. Hi guys i mean the ios 7 must be first compatible mit dem with the AVH-X8500 sein or not?