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  1. Avic-F77 animated backgrounds

    Ok guys, I've got the F77 and noticed it had a couple of animated backgrounds that display when playng media. Does anyone know what type these are and how easy it is to upload more to the unit? Thanks
  2. Mirrorlink and radio/mp3

    Did you manage to sort this out?
  3. I've been looking into this for quite a while and have not found one solution for me to be able to charge my phone while having it connected to the head unit. I know the post above links to a charging module but this is only good if you want to just charge your phone and not have it connected to the head unit and be able to use it at the same time? I don't understand why pioneer develop high end head units and give them a poor quality power supply for usb charging?
  4. New Firmware for AVIC-F60DAB (also with NEX)

    I managed successfully to upgrade my firmware using a USB flash drive, infact one that was provided with my head unit from Pioneer. You have to make sure it is connected to USB1 otherwise I don't think it will work? I have tried to do some sort of update using naviextras but I'm unable to locate the synctool that it states you must use on the head unit. I select the map screen but I cannot find the settings to take me to the synctool page? I have the avic-f960dab
  5. Ok guys, I've had a 960dab for a couple of months now and it's an excellent bit of kit. I did have a samsung s4 but decided to update to an xperia z2 as there was too many hoops i had to jump through to get the phone to work with the head unit. Anyway, as soon as I plugged the z2 into the 960 it recognised the phone and within a few seconds it was mirroring. Excellent I thought, however there is a lag of about 1 sometimes 2 seconds before the 960's screen mirrors exactly what the phone screen is doing. I swipe the screen on the 960 and I see the phone reacting straight away but it takes the 960 that little bit longer to mirror the phones final screen. This happens with everything I try? Any ideas?
  6. Come on guys, someone out there must have the same or similar Head Unit and must be suffering from the same problems? Even if you aren't suffering with the missing text can you at least post and say wether you are getting the text or not and at least then I can narrow things down
  7. OK Guys, I've recently purchased and installed the above HU. I'm puzzled as to why I am unable to see any radio text on the main screen even though it is being broadcast, all that's displayed is a line of hyphens -----. If I hit the radio text icon I'm taken to the radio text screen and the text is displayed? I know this line is actually called DLS (Dynamic Label Segment) but is the same as radio text broadcast on FM RDS. If I switch to a standard FM channel I get the radio text on the main screen? I though DAB was a step ahead. On standard DAB radios you get the scrolling text along the screen but not with the Pioneer unit? Not only that but having to hit extra buttons when driving to see the radio text screen is obviously a distraction. I have already talked with a UK pioneer representative about this but basically he couldn't answer why this function was omitted? Not only that but I notice that the pioneer doesn't scroll the text instead it is in blocks of text. I have a single din Kenwood in my other car and I have no problems displaying the text and it scrolls, not only that I can adjust the menu to dictate which line shows what info on it's 5 line display? Is anyone else having this problem or is it just me? Oh, and don't say I should have bought another Kenwood because if I knew I was going to have problems with the pioneer I probably would have
  8. I know this is an old thread but I'd just like to say that the reason for the parking brake wire is to connect it to your handbrake cable to allow the unit to work when the handbrake is on ie for watching videos etc. However, pioneer don't want you to watch videos etc whilst driving as that is against the current laws. By bypassing this fail safe you are going against pioneers instructions and what ever the outcome is lies solely in your hands. I myself have just purchased the same unit and will over the next few days apply the bypass but I am acknowledging that doing so is my risk