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  1. Pioneer AVIC-8200NEX Password reset

    Testmode keys run from USB. You'll need the goldenapple one. Take a look around the slack and you'll find what you need
  2. Disappointed in AVIC8200NEX

    Contrast on the screen is not supposed to be bad at all. Perhaps disable the dimming altogether for a bit to rule out the possibility that it is constantly dimming.
  3. The AVIC Development Mod

    After reading about bushing's passing I recalled the fail0verflow blogpost he wrote some time ago, which in turn prompted me to see if anything happened over here. Very nice to see so much progress! As I understand it, right now the biggest issue is in recreating a new lineo warp image with modified firmware contents? Is there any progress on that? Can I offer any help in testing (I don't mind the HU being on the bench for a while).
  4. CANBUS message for volup/voldown

    For my previous headunit I made a small electronic box that would control the accessory power input. It triggers by unlocking the doors, so while I was walking toward the car the headunit is already booting. This was helpful because the unit literally took over a minute before it was ready. Then I noticed on my father's car that when removing the ignition key, the radio on his bmw remains on and only when he locks the car, the volume would fade to zero. Pretty cool, I thought, so I bought the remote control for the clarion and sampled the IR commands for volume up/volume down. Then I installed an IR led and mimiced the volume up/down codes a few seconds after locking/unlocking the car. I really liked this functionality. Unfortunately the same couldn't be said for the clarion headunit. After some months I threw it out and got a F60DAB instead. Massive improvement. But this one doesn't come with an IR remote, so the volume changing on locking/unlocking doesn't work anymore. I want to fix this of course, and it'd be a lot easier if I knew how to hack the steering wheel controls input for this purpose. Is there any information about this available?
  5. FM Radio Reception Problem

    Crazy how my European F60DAB has an option to turn off the DAB aerial's power supply, while this is connected to the remote wire... Ignition wire is the way to go I guess.