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  1. Should I take out my avic n2 and install a avic-700bt? I think it would look better cosmetically. Any suggestions or comments ? Thanks!
  2. I made about 6-7 coasters before I found out these instructions to burn it correctly. Here goes: Unzip the file with latest version of winrar so you have an .iso download and open imgburn go into Tools -> Settings Go to the Write Tab At the top right, (Layer Break), click on User Specified Enter 2084960 Click on OK to go back to the main screen. Click Write image file to disc Click on the icon next to "Please select a file..." Select your .iso file make sure write speed is maximum 2.4x Click on the "file to disc" icon at the bottom left of the screen. (Under the Verify option)
  3. Hello, I have read many posts about grounding the parking break .. but I am kinda confused on how to do this. Does this mean to shred off some of the cover of the parking break wire and then twisting it up with the ground wire and sealing that combination with electric tape? If this is right, could anyone tell me what color is the parking brake wire (and where it can be found) and what color is the ground wire (and where it can be found)? If anyone has a picture of this, please post. Thanks.
  4. After installing the CNDV-80MT downloaded from jlong, I can no longer do an address search. The disc updated fine and everything, but when I click on 'address search' or "POI search" it pauses for a second and then returns back to the GPS main navigation screen. Does anyone know what could be the problem? Thanks.
  5. I dunno, I went so far as to buy a new harness from Pioneer and replace all the wires in the back including the Microphone wire. I went through many boxes of brand new microphones so far. This is driving me nuts, I can't figure out whats wrong with my microphone... the blue circular voice icon just doesnt want to show up...
  6. yeah, I made sure I plugged it into the one that had the black label that says Mic Input. I don't know what could be the problem here.. defective brain unit?
  7. Naw.. no voice command circular blue thing appears on my deck. I did send it in to Pioneer for them to check to see if my deck was messed up (as well as a flex cable fix) and they said that there was nothing wrong with my deck. I been trying to plug my microphone (and went and bought about 5 different microphone sets) and tried every hole possible for it to go into, however I am receiving no luck.... Thanks for your help.. this is driving me nuts.
  8. Hello, Model: Avic N2 My problem is that my voice command pack microphone doesnt work with my Avic N2. I suspect that something is wrong with my brain unit. I did not install this unit into my porsche so I do not know how it was hooked up. I have checked the back of my headunit numerous times and it is attached to the correct microphone jack in back of the headunit itself Are there any wires that handle the microphone running to the brain unit? (If so I am going to check to see if any are loose or disconnected). Does Pioneer repair defected brain units without a charge? Or are they going to charge me 200 bux? Thanks for your help!
  9. http://cgi.ebay.com/PIONEER-DVD-NAV-VID ... dZViewItem What is a "Bypass Module"? And is this guy just trying to rip people off?
  10. Hello, I had an Avic N2 installed into my car, however when the guy installed it the first time there was this buzzing noise, so what he did was he cut the wires off to my amplifier of my car. He said the Avic N2 had an amplifier already. How does this change the sound quality? is this safe and okay for my car? I drive a Porsche Boxster. Thanks for all your input.
  11. Funny Voices

    Hello I was wondering how I would go about replacing the "MAKE A LEFT TURN AHEAD" and "MAKE A RIGHT TURN AHEAD" and so forth with funnier voices? Or different voices? Is this possible? if so, does anyone know a website with such voices? Thanks
  12. Bypassing N2 Decal???

    and also, if there is a decal.. what would it look like with the decal off? do I need to get ride of the grey? Thanks.
  13. Bypassing N2 Decal???

    Hello, I am trying to bypass my N2, I read on this thread that you need a heat gun in order to remove some decal before you solder? is this true? I used a circuitpen to connect the two points and my avic n2 bypass is not working at all.. please advise.
  14. Avic N2 upgrade to N3

    his auction allows u to use XM and Sirius without a subscription??
  15. I tried soldering the 2 points in back of the Unit, as well as use a circuit breaker pen to solder the 2 points.. I also taped a little peice of foil to make SURE the 2 points are making contact. The bypass is NOT working for me. I also grounded the parking break wire. My question is.. after soldering the 2 points.. do I need to reset the UNIT? If so, how do I go about doing this? (instructions) And will this get rid of the "Parking break is installed incorrectly" message everytime I start up the unit? Thanks.