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  1. i wonder which maps it actually has. Q1, Q2, Q3 or if theres a Q4 for the 2011 maps. I have Q1 maps for 2011
  2. Since none of the links seem to work anymore due to megaupload and others shutting down, I thought I would post some files and links for others to save some time. I used these map files (i removed soem west coast maps and POI files to make it fit), the EZRider file attached, and the licenses attached to make this update work for me. backed up \myflashdisk\apl2\igo\content backed up \myflashdisk\apl2\igo\License backed up \myflashdisk\apl2\igo\ezrider.exe Navigate to \myflashdisk\apl2\igo\content and delete folders: Maps, POI, Speedcam, Buildings Copy new : Maps, POI, Speedcam, Buildi
  3. just needed the hacked ezrider. thanks google
  4. does anyone have a link to a hacked ezrider and license file that works?
  5. Ok, So i got the TA2011 maps and the generic license file form here. Now my system boots up, but never leaves the System Startup message. hereswhat I did Booted into Testmode Backed up the License Files, Map, POI, Building, and Speedcam folders to my SD card Deleted the License Files, Map, POI, Building, and Speedcam folders from Myflashdisk Copied over the New files from the SD card Now my system will not leave the System startup message. I can click on audio input even though the message is there and change audio sources, but the maps never come up. If i try to access the maps
  6. might be interested in this, as i am also in north jersey. how much? truthfully i could update it myself if someone could provide the files, but since all links are down, i guess im sol in that dept.
  7. just did the 3.02 from the X910 on my F90BT and it worked perfectly. Going to do the latest bluetooth stack next
  8. just what i was looking for....thanks!!!
  9. are you sure your getting the required 1.21 gigawatts?
  10. Help 94TBird. I did as you said and now my system won't boot. I guess the good thing is I don't get the message to push ok anymore. Would you be so kind to explain how you got your unit to work and eliminate the message. I followed your instructions to a tee. Might be that I have 500? Either way let us know how I can my unit to boot. I searched and searched (yea right) and didn't see that anyone else asked the question other than the OP. you need to take the unit apart and remove the navigation board and solder some LEDs onto it. It also adds 15hp to your car
  11. thats for him to find out haha
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