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  1. AVIC N-2 bypass...

    As long as the wire is off the brake switch, ground is ground. Sorry for the long delay. Never knew there was a question for me. tv-tech
  2. N2 bypass problem

    Same thing happened to me. Look at the two points with a 20x or 30x magnifier and you will see that the 2 points are REAL close to the side foil. You have to make sure only the 2 points are connected. tv-tech
  3. AVIC N-2 bypass...

    I'm just a newbie here but I can tell you that you should look at the two points that are under that silver sticker that's on the bottom of the dash unit with some magnification. When I first tried to mod mine, one of the points shorted to the side foil and the thing died. Only the flip screen worked. I looked at the pc board with a 30x magnifier and saw the problem and then re-soldered and now it's fine. Don't forget to remove the light green wire from the brake switch and put to ground by itself. Still a novice...old school, tv-tech