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  1. 2015 Q3 Maps Available

    Hey, thanks for uploading these 3 pictures of the new maps. This helps.
  2. 2015 Q3 Maps Available

    Can you guyz post pictures of this new/update maps so we may see the difference in quality? It would definitely help me in my decision on whether or not to pay for the updates. Thanks.
  3. Which New Android Phones are Compatible with AppRadio

    Thanks for posting. Please let us know when and how you got everything working.
  4. Update 1.11 now available (Avicsync)

    I don't blame you. The last update bricked my head unit.
  5. Anyone else have any ideas or suggestions? I definitely want to explore all possibilities before going through the pains of waiting for about 1 month for the RMA to process.
  6. The idea of the fan possibly being obstructed by excessive wiring could be a feasible possibility. Thanks for your thoughts. I'm open to any other ideas if anyone has any. I just don't want to deal with the painful hassle of uninstalling the GPS from the car, shipping it with high shipping costs and having up to a 1 month turnaround time followed by another time consuming installation. Ughhhh. Please everyone, I'm open to ideas and solutions.
  7. For the AVIC-6000NEX: Has anyone experienced or know what the root cause of the following error message? "Product overheat. System will be shut down in 1 minute. Restart the product by ACC-Off/On may fix this problem. If this message keeps showing up, it is possible that some problem occurred in the product." It comes on intermittently while driving and then shuts the GPS off. Funny how a product overheat can occur in the middle of December while driving in 50 degrees Fahrenheit weather! I"ve attached an image of this error message. Any suggestions to help fix this problem for the AVIC-6000NEX? Thanks everyone.
  8. 7100nex CD won't eject.

    I'm going to be a bit more careful with the type of cds that wont eject out of the AVIC NEX units. For the most part, is it only burned cds that get stuck?
  9. AvicSync news

    I'm hoping this next update doesn't brick my AVIC NEX as it did last time.
  10. 7100nex CD won't eject.

    Thanks for the info on this. Just sucks that you have to do a factory reset (thus losing your settings and saved addresses and routes) to get the stuck cd/dvd out.
  11. AvicSync news

    1) Which app did you use to get MirrorLink working? 2) Do you have a way to get AppRadio working on the S6 or Note 5?
  12. AvicSync news

    Don't hold your breath, after all, it's Pioneer.
  13. Full Screen mirroring working in Mirrorlink & S6!!!

    That's really impressive that you were able to get MirrorLink to work on your Note 5. Are you able to get AppRadio to work on your Note 5?
  14. Full Screen mirroring working in Mirrorlink & S6!!!

    Crickets? Did you have to use the CD AH200 kit to get it to work or any USB cable?